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    Anyone who is a victim of quickscoping in Ghosts: MUST SEE!

      It started out when Infinity Ward announced that Quickscoping would be removed. And don't get me wrong here, they literally said these words: "Quickscoping... has been removed from Call of Duty: Ghosts." This is meaning they literally said that. As in most people think they said they made it harder to do, they actually said it's removed!!! In removed, means in the Call of Duty world, means players are prohibited from doing this action. Now, as players are prohibited from doing this action, it is still physically possible to quickscope. Meaning that if players do any quickscoping of any kind, it is labeled as "cheating." It's just like saying that people have the ability to post things on Youtube that disobey the Terms of Service and that "Innapropriate things have been removed from Youtube." Same thing goes with quickscoping in Call of Duty. If it was removed and players find a way to get their hands on something that was removed from Public Matches, it is considered cheating. And don't think I'm being a baby because I can't quickscope, because I actually can. I've tried before in Ghosts, it's alot easier. But I decided not to do it because I knew it was cheating. Cheating as in "The report function." Report as in saying players have the right to report quickscopers for quickscoping in CoD: Ghosts. All the FaZe and OpTc fanboys on here ('cause don't get me wrong, we all know OpTc and FaZe only play Xbox) will probably go away. I will probably post something later on explaining how quickscoping is Overpowered, but for now this is how quickscoping is cheating.