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    Dedicated Servers


      IW needs to respond to this.

      We were promised dedicated servers across all platforms. Where are they on Xbox 360?

      They are calling it "Thunderdome".


      I've asked every person I have contact with at IW and nobody can give a straight answer.

      Some say "They are already up and running"

      Some say "We don't know the answer yet"

      Others say "They are rolling out over time"

      Basically, nobody answers the same way twice. Meaning, nobody has a clue.


      I was told that they would be up after the final launch of next-gen consoles. Well that time has come and gone.


      It's sad how many people believe it was all a lie to get us to buy the game. The longer they go without responding with a Definite answer, the more it looks that way.


      And before anyone responds, I did read all the articles and interviews regarding the dedicated servers and know they said "in select areas" with the "hybrid system of listen servers".

      I live in one of the top 5 most populated areas in the country. You can't tell me there wouldn't be a server near here.


      But still seeing host migrations, horrible connections, people skipping, rubberbanding, lobbies not filling up past 4v4, and in the worse lobbies, being so far behind that your shots aren't even registering.


      We've been so annoyed by how bad it is that we've just been sticking to playing Squads vs AI. And even then, the bots are lagging. How the hell does that happen?


      Someone with information respond!

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