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    When  a victory is...stupid

      Ok guys, did you ever had that what i define...a stupid victory?


      Example: days ago i've played KC, i was placed with the usual n00bs when the enemy team was powerful enough. What was the results at the end? Victory for my team. Why? the enemy has not confirmed almost any kill, they were just killwhoring around. I wasn't so statisfyed at all...or in TDM, when me and some friend literally destroy enemy with results like 75-12 or 75-30, not so statisfying.


      Do you ever get this feeling sometimes?

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          Once a team gets the upperhand, it's usually a get squashed situation!?  Veeery frustrating, but a great time  to pull out the impactical weapons.  And its great because ive maxed prestige and dont care about w/l

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            when i win im happy when i loose im a lil bit less happy.


            thats about it for me.

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              no victory is stupid lol have you ever watched any pro sports? basketball, hockey, football, soccer


              there are tons of teams that play each other and the team that gets oushot ends up winning you think they deserve the victory, probably not but at the end of the day a victory is a victory regardless of its ugliness

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                  Ok that i victory is a victory. I've used to watch rugby, and what i see are two teams giving everything they have for victory, only the team that plays well can win. In that situations for me was a thing like: put one of the most renamed and known team, that has won every kind of competition, versus an almost anonymous team that probably is stil in a low league. It's an easy victory for the first team instead of the second, and is kinda...easy, let's say this. Well this was my feeling about, i take it but i'm not statisfyed :V

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                  The other day my clan vsed this clan that reckoned that they did CYbergamer ( basically Aussie MLG/Gamebattles etc ) Anyways, we won on Domination Strike Zone by about like 20 points. We all went neg. After The game they called us scrubs even though we beat them. haha.


                  I wish the more 'competitive' community had nicer people in it. Like after every game, win lose or draw we will at least Say GG, or better luck next time etc. Usually we just get called scrubs after we beat them :L No etiquette these days xD

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                    Friends and I have been playing around with new (modded) game modes on PC for years.

                    One of the changes we made to KC was that players only get credit for kills (for kill-streaks) if they have a tag for each kill (or vice-versa). So if you have 5 kills and 4 tags, you only have 4 kills towards kill-streaks OR If you have 5 tags and 4 kills you still only have 4 kills towards kill-streaks. Also leaderboards only show 'kills-confirmed', this is the number of kills + the number of confirms- so 5 kills and 4 tags = 9 KC on the leaderboard. Kills alone are not shown.


                    We've also modded all other objective modes to encourage playing for the win- (ie: domination, ctf, hardpoint) not sure why they are the way they are tbh.