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    ◦Further spawn logic improvements?

      Spawned.. ran 10 feet.. enemy spawned where i just did.. shot me in the back... final kill on killcam.

      Thanks for playing

      What kind of "logic" are they using?!?


      Who complained about spawns in past games so that they felt they needed new logic..?? 

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          such a heated topic so early in the game life but yes it does need some looking into but as did all the CoD game titles with the spawn issue. Maybe in the future patches they will a fix but im not holding my breath.

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              Well seriously how hard can it be to code a sequence "Player X for Team Y needs to respawn, do not permit respawn within Z range of Team A players"?


              Granted, I honestly HATE coding, it's why I specialized in hardware repairs but wth

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                  You're absolutely right, though. It's as simple as that. The algorithm you mentioned is clearly not present in the code. There's probably some other algorithms going on, along the lines of your team's current "centre of mass" or the average of their positions, the same for your enemies, and a couple of other things, but it should be extremely easy to prioritise those algorithms to stop this ridiculous spawning. In fact ALL you have to do is prioritise the algorithm you mentioned at the top. Job done.


                  All of which is what makes me believe this spawning system deliberately puts you right next to enemies some percentage of the time.

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                    Yeah man you are right, (except you've got to add line-of-sight requirements). What is so strange is that almost all of the maps (except strikezone) have 'out of the action' spawn areas but i never seem to spawn in them. So i think they've got a ' a player A must be a least distance x, but no farther than distance y" somewhere in the code.

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                  Something I was hoping to see implemented was the ability to choose where/who you spawn on.  I thought that was an awesome option in the battlefield 4 beta.  I should note that I have never played anything related to the battlefield series other than the beta a few weeks ago, so I don't know if that type of spawning system also has its own problems.

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                    The spawning is still god-awful.