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    My clan just disappeared a couple days ago. Why?

      I had a clan (Poop Chute Posse) that I created a few weeks ago. I invited a few players to it, they successfully joined, and in the couple days while it was still there, we got to level 4 (I know, low, but we just started). Then, all of a sudden, with no warning, I can no longer access the clan details section in game, and the create a clan button is now highlighted again.


      What's more, the Call Of Duty app on my phone is saying I need to play my first CoD Ghosts multiplayer game to login. I'm a level 46 if I recall. I've played plenty of games. I figured they were just ironing some sh!t out, but it's been about a week now and the clan details, and the Ghosts app are still not working.


      What's the deal? I tried creating the clan again, but it says the name is already taken (which it should be, by me).