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    looking for ps3 clan

      This is my first cod to actually put time into although i've played them all sparingly. Looking to get more involved with competitive cod (used to play competitive halo/mag/bf3). I'm obviously pretty bad so people willing to help me learn the game/strats is preferred. I'm 24 so I'm no child and have a mic.

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          Re: looking for ps3 clan

          Howdy Ag!  I'm actually located in College Station and the core group of our clan is in Texas.  We're on most nights around 8:00 pm and on...though with close to 50 members now, we have folks on around the clock.  If interested in joining, feel free to reply here or:


          Find us on facebook: www.facebook.com/MadeUQuit

          Or look us up on the COD App: Made U Quit

          We'd love to have you in the clan.  Thanks!


          Ray (BinLadensGhost)


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            Re: looking for ps3 clan



            United Gamer Alliance


              UGAlliance is a gaming community/clan looking for members who’d like to join. UGA has just opened shop and has a Division for CoD: Ghosts specific. I was with my previous clan for over three years and wanted to open a new clan with the help of my friend Corvo. Together we are wanting to provide other “like-minded” members a place to call home for their CoD: Ghosts needs. We also have plans to have at least three game nights per-week. This is to have a scheduled time to meet outside of your busy life and have time to bond and have fun.


            Q) What games do we support?
            A) We support only CoD: Ghosts GTA V and Battlefield 4


            Q) Does UGAlliance play other games than Division based games?
              A) Yes, we play The Last of Us (wanting to turn this one into a division) as well as Bad Company 2. We’d like to fit BO2 and BF3 in as well.


            Q) Is UGAlliance a structured type of clan?
            A) Yes, UGA is a structured clan with a CoC like the military uses. This has proven to be the best way for a clan to be successful and keeps members active. This also gives members a chance to rank up and lead their very own squad.


            Q) Why are there Game Nights?
            A) As most gamers are parents, servicemen in the military, or full time students, this gives us a chance to schedule days and times to meet up and play online together as a team.


            Q) Are there squads or teams?
            A) Yes, we have squads for each division we have in UGAlliance. Each squad will have their own scheduled game nights.


            Q) what are UGA requirements for joining?
            A) All members MUST have a mic and use it, be mature, and be at least 16 years or older.


            Q) What systems does UGAlliance support?
            A) UGAlliance only supports PS3 and will open up a PS4 side later in 2014.

            If interested please visit http://www.ugalliance.com/

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              Re: looking for ps3 clan

              check out Shadow Company HQ. Minimum age of 16. No K/D requirements. Looking for like minded gamers.

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