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    I Have a big problem

      I downloaded ghosts on my ps3 a while after it came out started playing it just fine but like two days later I look at all the stuff I got from my points and there all gone all the guns and perks I'm sitting in hell right now trying to figure out what's wrong with it I leave alone for a day come back spend 20 points from playing online go to sleep check my stuff and its all gone again. I notice that the skins still have the record on them on what gun I used but I still have to re buy it wth what do I do because I'm starting to not like cod now. Someone Help ME

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          Re: I Have a big problem

          I feel you, buddy. Well, I experienced being rolled back before and my friends said that it could be because of using a wi-fi connection. Which i did not believe because I have a high speed internet connection, so I was like, okay and I was not really convinced that it was on my end. So, I searched the internet and came across this link: Activision Support.  It states there that quitting matches or exiting matches before it end might cause this. So, from then on, I had no choice, but to avoid the things on that link. lol. You might want to check. See you in-game, buddy!

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