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    Operations... New update no fix... Over a week now.

      I will not go into much detail about the operations bug as it has been discussed in length on this forum over the last week, you click on the operations button and it either puts you into a lobby or refreshes your screen if your already in one...


      After seeing there was an update to download I was looking forward to finally being able to do operations again and unlock things and catch up with all of my friends who were unaffected by the glitch.  Unfortunately that was not the case obviously.


      I come on here to read the patch notes to find a page long wall of text which seems awfully impressive at first glance like y'all have really been hard at work ironing everything out, and yet nothing to address the GAMEBREAKING issue which a small percentage of us are experiencing.


      After years of gaming I can't recall ever coming across an issue this gamebreaking in a game as big as this that wasn't ironed out in an overnight instapatch, let alone still not being fixed over a week later.


      The fact that this bug is only affecting a few players just compounds things as everyone I play with is unlocking gear and leveling up 3x as fast, while I contemplate even playing at all while waiting for a fix.  And the fact that you've released this recent patch with nothing to address it just sends the message to all of us facing this issue that because its not widespread its not important and we will get to it when we get to it.


      Oh and just a bit of common sense observation... this glitch didn't exist until you released a patch to fix operations functionality (lmao)....  Way to fix something that wasn't broken and in turn break it in half....

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          Re: Operations... New update no fix... Over a week now.
          Preach! I've been dealing with this problem for over 3 weeks now. I've even tried contacting them many different ways to ask them what their progress on the situation was... no response. I've decided to just quit playing until they finally get it together. By the time they get around to it, I'd be the highest prestige with no uniforms or patches unlocked =/
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            Re: Operations... New update no fix... Over a week now.

            This will be the 2nd weekend in a row we cant do operations yay!

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              Re: Operations... New update no fix... Over a week now.

              Yeah, I haven't played in days as a result of this. It seems pointless to play unless theres some sort of reward, rather than wasted time. I feel how frustrated you are, and was happy to see that they had fixed it for me today. Now I have a number of other problems such as another discussion I had written. Due to some bug that now has kicked me (Commander) out of my own clan, and has locked all my rewards, patches, and XP gained. It gives me the option to start a new clan or join one. I recently applied for the clan I originally created on the APP, and the CoD Ghost APP sends me a notification that I have a Application to review. Talk about frustrating. In a nut shell, Im the Commander, lost my clan, can't rejoin, and lost everything. Super.


              Haven't got any support or information from any of the participating publishers. (Activision, Infinityward, Neversoft, Raven, Beachhead.)


              Im almost to the breaking point.


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                Re: Operations... New update no fix... Over a week now.

                Hi there,


                We are aware some users are experiencing this issue and the matter has been forwarded up.  Once we receive word back, we'll have more information to provide you.


                We appreciate your patience.


                Regards ^AH

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