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    Pinecrest Posse is looking for recruits. PS3

      my clan currently has 6 members in it right now our clan lvl is 6 and we are 950 cxp from 7.

      Pinecrest Posse is our clan name and we are looking for recruits to join.  our clan k/dr is 1.40  and we are looking for players above a 1.00 k/d right now.

      we all play on ps3 and most of us are from the west coast.  if you have a mic that is great, but if not that works also. 

      we play with the ladys also, so ladys dont be scared to join us. we gladly welcome you even if you dont have that great of a k/d.

      clan leader Matty5589 psn for more info.

      hoping to get a few teams in for the clan wars.