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    Who thinks it's time to retaliate against these hackers who are destroying the great game of Call Of Duty?

      thats it,these hackers are destroying the greatest first person shooter game ever created and im not going to sit here and watch them pulverive it.I think its time that we do EVERYTHING we possibly can,to tell these @$$es that there days of pissing everyone off are over.for gods sake, there even selling people these glitches! if we dont do something soon its gunna be too late.what i mean by this is every cod game is gunna be so screwed up people we be turning to battlefield and medal of honour.what im mainly trying to say is, we need to fight back. if u would like to join me just reply and say u want to join me! if we can get enough people we can spam the crap out of these hackers and im sure that if 50 people report someone, sony is sure to do something about it.if u encounter one of these hackers be sure to put there account name in this descussion and we can all take a minute to report a couple players a day.if u want to join me u have to be fully commited to this u can contact me through my ps3 account: zachary_misener     actually, if u now of a hacker msg me his account name and we will do something about 'him'

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