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    Ghost Black Screen PS4

      Every time I try t play multiplayer, the game goes to a black screen and freezes.

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          Is anyone willing to help?

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            Hello vshasta21,


            Thanks for posting.


            Are you currently connected to a internet source? If you can, disconnect and load up multiplayer once again. Does the screen still go black?


            Is this a digital or disc version of the game? Was this purchased through the upgrade feature?




            ATVI Support

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              I tried everything from restarting, redownloading, rebuilding database, and other methods to get rid of the Black Screen on CoD Ghosts.

              And just a little bit ago, I found a solution.

              Try using a different profile while playing Ghosts. If you don't have one, just make one.

              I signed in to another profile, hit multiplayer, and it starting working fine. Came back to my original profile, and it also worked great.

              I hope that helps with your (and other's) black screen.

              (This is what worked for me, it may not work for you, but hopefully it will) 

              Let me know if it does

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                  tried new account and friends account. Still doesn't work. I also exchanged the disc copy (again) for the digital copy. Same problems. This will be my 6th time downloading the game. Activision and Sony are no help. im about to return everything and get my money back.

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                  Can anyone help?

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                    having same issue its a pain in the ass. had digital copy and now bought hard copy and still nothing. Help Activision!!

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                      SOMEONE FROM ACTIVISION..... FIX IT!!!!!!! this is getting ridiculous now. The port checking, reinstalling, reinitialising, wired connection - ALL OF IT DOESN'T WORK!!!! what are you going to do Activision???? I can't even get past the title screen now. it's not the ps4 or the disc that's not working. IT'S THE GAME!!!!

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                          Did any of you install War Thunder? That's the reason I had a go on it and then couldn't get on COD at all just a black screen, I googled and found a thread here and on the PSN forums, the fix worked however instead of logging out I had to restart PS4.


                          Close War Thunder and close COD. Turn off your PS4, then re-load it up. Now click COD Ghosts. It should work now.

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                            Let me tell you a little some thing about Activision. When Black Ops 2 game froze and caused people's HDD on PS3 to become corrupted, they denied responsibility then too. They released a patch that didn't work that was supposed to fix it and it didn't work. Still they denied responsibility for hundreds, maybe thousand of PS3 HDD breaking over their game. I personally made a complaint with the BBB California. They finally offered me a free game of my choosing as some sort of make it all better. I chose Ghost to at least get back the $60 I paid for Black Ops2 (still out a PS3 mind you). They then go back on their word and offer MW2 or lower saying the promised me these inferior titles when I called to claim my game 2 months ago. The company is a joke. Because of their poor quality I was out my PS3 and the game. Nice one..... I so wish I could blow up on them in this post, I feel my angry rekindling.


                            That is why IF I buy their games now, I will buy them used, so they don't profit, Activision is a horrible company. I bought Ghost used last night and suprise suprise black screen, can't even play it. At least buying used I can GET MY MONEY BACK FOR YOUR POS BROKEN GAME (just like black ops 2)! UNLIKE WHEN YOU GAVE ME THE BONE LAST YEAR! Fun as COD may be, I will not miss you guys when you go bankrupt and it can't come soon enough. Give up the idea that they will admit they are screw ups, this company rather hang you out to dry before that day comes. Destiny looks great to bad I'll have to pass.

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                              Did anyone ever find a fix for this I'm still having this problem.

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                                Have been having the same problem with my ghosts game.I had tried everything. when i deleted everything last time i could not get  any game to work because they did not finish installing.I had to clean the cd perfectly.not a mark on them.then they finished installing. and even my ghosts game is working now