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    Doesnt make sense to ask for friends, then get bombed about it?

                Looking for people to play with on Ghosts? Seems everyone that even feels like replying on anything (mostly that ive posted) is a total douche about their response.

           Also have some reason to believe I care? Dont care what you think about me asking for players, all im asking is for adds.

      But you people seem to just have a fist up your anus, try removing it and change your attitude.

           XD "Just sayin"

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          Re: Female players.

          This isn't a dating site

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            Re: Female players.

            Maybe your gamer tag is not really indicating that you are a female (lord??).


            Honestly, I do not even think of the gender of a person I am playing with. I am happy to play with anybody who turns out to be a 'sport', with who I can communicate (language) and who makes a game play more enjoyable than playing on my own in a random lobby.


            Not to make a statement for which i have no data for to support, but I could not think of a reason why someone would  not want to play with someone because of chromosomes.


            For me personally I face more of an age difference and cultural issue when playing. Generalising, the younger the crowd, the more selfish they play. Also, generalising, the area where I am sitting (Middle East), the playstyle prevalent is of a sort that takes a lot of fun out of it for me (sitting in dark corners all game waiting for the one kill they can get off the guy who runs by and does not walk, checking every bloody corner there is, for the entire game).

            These two issues are the kill joy for me, but never sofar a gender consideration.


            I would not have such a thought infest yourself. Keep your mind open and see how you can support the team/integrate into the team that you are playing with.

            Good luck!!

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