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    Any one else remember this Announcement

      Update/Clarification regarding Sniper Rifles:

      One of the areas that is getting lot of love in Call of Duty: Ghosts is the Sniper Rifle. By creating the Marksman class we were able to focus the Sniper class on really powerful high-caliber weapon systems. We feel, and many of the pro players who have played would agree, that sniping has never been better.

      The changes we’ve made, like dual render scopes and increased damage really make snipers a great competitive class to use. We’ve also done a lot with map design (sight lines and cover) to ensure that all classes are viably effective. Both short range and long range classes will be effective on the same maps.

      However in re-envisioning sniper rifles some aspects, such as sway timing, have changed the way sniper rifles function and so traditional ‘quick-scoping’ has been affected. Is it gone completely? Maybe. It certainly won’t be viable in the way it previously was. Can’t wait for you snipers out there to get your hands on these new sniper rifles and try them out for yourselves.

      See you in game!

      Any one else remember reading this and thinking THANK GOD. I have to wonder how IW and especially executive producer Mark Rubin can keep a straight face when they talk to the community. They must be laughing there arses off all the way to the bank over how gullible  we as paying customers are. So much for consumer rights and the protection it's suppose to give us when companies can lie as they like and nothing ever happens to them. 

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          With the lack of tactical insertions its harder for traditional montages/kill feeds so yes I think its been changed to the point where it takes more skill to get around rather than simply tac-ing over and over again on an enemys spawn.I think its definitley filtered out alot of the undesirables and I am enjoying sniping more than ever.Ive hit one quad on this game and I worked my ass off to get it so I dont understand why everyone is so upset?

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            Are you saying he lied about quickscoping being in the game ? Because he didnt say it was gone completely. He just said MAYBE.


            It would be nice though if you actually say what you feel they lied about.

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                I feel that yet again as with Dedicated servers they Worded there press and community information releases in such a way to mislead people and manipulate the true facts. So instead of saying yes Quick scoping is still in the game but it will be harder then previous version of the game. They use BS sentences like "Is it gone completely? Maybe." to give people the impression and hope that it might not be possible. They new full well it was still viable but yet still hoped to mislead that demographic that may of refused to purchase Ghosts because of there dislike of Qsing. I expect a company I buy a product from to give me full disclosure on there product, not do there best to cloud the truth about parts of that product. I know this may seem a stupid antiquated idea but when you buy a product from a company you base that choice on what is states about said product. There are laws in most of Europe to safe guard consumers from wrongful advertising but yet again and again Activison and co use grey area's in those laws to release false representation on there product to mislead consumers in the hopes to boost sales and it's wrong. This isn't the first time they have done this with a COD title and they should have to answer for such underhanded tactics.

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                    They never lied about dedicated servers. Its been said many times that they never said all people will get them. Cant understand why you cant see that.


                    They said "all platforms will get dedicated servers". They never stated that all gamers will get dedicated servers nor did they say when they will be rolling out. If they had said "all players will be getting dedicated servers from day one" they would have lied. But they didnt say that. You got all your hopes up on a 6 word sentence thinking that you will definitely get dedicated servers.


                    You dont have to act like the UK is high and mighty because in the US they have false advertising laws too. But neither of those advertising laws cover your assumption of what they said.


                    You will not be able to get a refund based on that factor because it and the quickscoping statement were not false advertising. False advertising covers blatant advertising such as if the game were not to work at all a month after you bought it if they didnt work on a patch. Not the fact there was a way to quickscope in the game.


                    To be false advertising they would have to put "all gamers will have dedicated servers" in the commercial or the website.


                    There are no underhanded tactics. You assumed it meant it might not be possible. And again even if they said it MIGHT not be possible that means that it also MIGHT be possible.


                    • may·be
                    • [ máybee ]
                    1. perhaps: expresses uncertainty
                    2. neither yes nor no: used to give a response that is neither yes nor no
                    3. introduces suggestions: used to introduce advice or suggestions


                    Just because a vacuum company says "Our vacuum cleans better than that some of the leading brands" does not mean you have to take their word for it that its the best.

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                        Everything you said about Dedicated servers is 100% true apart from one key fact. We didn't get all that information until after the Launch of Ghosts and people had paid there cash. So what your saying is myself and others are to blame for interpreting the released information incorrectly, Sorry m8 but that's BS. Those press releases were designed and worded in such a manner in hope that people like myself interpreted it in exactly the way we did. Then they can sit back and say well we didn't mean it like that. Well if you didn't mean for released information to be interpreted in that manner, then you should make your intentions more clear and release all information about them before sale, not some before and then once you cashed in the rest after. That is blatantly misleading people in to believing you will get X and Y, when in fact you only get Y.

                        I could argue this point all night but you wont agree with me because to put this as politely as I can and not offend you, you seem a fan boy who thinks your job is to defend them to the bitter end. There are a few of you on here that do that and no matter what people reply there is no changing your minds to how Godly COD developers are. And the few time I have seen well constructed replies showing 100% proof you are wrong, you go quite and no long post or even apologize.

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                            First of all you can get that out of your head that I am a fanboy. You dont have to label someone just because they didnt agree with you. Labeling me doesnt make me either right of wrong but does label you as ignorant. See what I did there ?


                            You labeling us as fanboys makes it appear that you are ignorant of what we post and totally ignore the bad things we do say about the developers. Now we could be developer fanboys who will stick up for a developer regardless of what they do but we dont do that because even "us fanboys" state where the developers went wrong. Even though I hate some games out there I dont hate the developers themselves.


                            Just to basically reiterate my original labeling statement here in a different way. You seem to know all about my posting habits of not apologizing yet you never saw my posts on the subject of wrongly getting accused of being fanboys ? Seems you have a pretty selective memory there not paying attention to both subjects, huh ?


                            And where is your statements to the other people claiming you are not seeing the full truth here ? Why are you ignoring their statements yet responding to mine when I am basically saying the same thing ?


                            The news reports on the web stated that all platforms will get dedicated servers before the launch of the game. That was the only detail you should do anything about. Dont assume beyond that.


                            But here is the thing. They announced before the release of the game that there will be hybrid servers in the game. So did you ignore that ? They announced that in October. October was before the release of the game. They announced hybrid servers on October 7th. That was before the release of the game.


                            Its not their fault you just paid attention to the news reports you only wanted to hear.


                            And so what posts on THIS subject was I wrong ? None.


                            As for apologizing for previous posts I dont get paid to sit here and respond back to every single post someone makes. I got a private life you know. I would love to see links to posts that proved me wrong where I never apologized because when I am proven wrong I admit it. But that its on FACTS I could be wrong not on opinions.


                            But the subject and title of this topic is not "where starbuck was wrong" . the name and subject of this topic is where you think IW lied to you. If you want to discuss those other statements where people have found me wrong why dont you bring them up in the original thread instead of just making a blanket statement here ? I mean if you want we could bring up entire posts histories in this thread.


                            And BTW the word you are trying to use is QUIET.

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                                I've read many thread on these forums from you and I've seen lots of abuse put your way. We have also had a few disagreements on another account I had (That account was deleted by me). And I'm sorry but I stand by my statement about you in my view being at heart a fan boy. I once wrote a reply to you about your inherent need to apparently Ride to the defence of Activison on your White charge, like some knight in shinning armour. And if you read back over time on your replies to multiple threads, it's clear you portray yourself like that. I don't disagree there are the odd few posts you disagree with some aspects of Activision but in general you defend them to the point it has lead some people to accuse you of kissing Rear end in the hope of becoming an admin. I don't personally believe that but it has been said. You defend Activison way more than they deserve even in situations they are clearly wrong and evidence is show to support said allegations. And you do seem to argue on one thread for along time, then some evidence is shown that can not be refuted and you go quite and not another word is said. I've seen it multiple times.


                                And this is yet again a thread your defending Activision when they were in the wrong. They clearly released information that was worded in such a way SO IT COULD BE MISINTERPRETED. That is not transparent and breeches the advertising laws in the UK.

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                                    People like you refuse to see the whole picture. Instead you decide to based their statements on one or two choice words.


                                    The way I read the entire quoted statements as above is that they hindered quickscoping. They never said they abolished it.


                                    Yeah sure you "deleted" your old account. Why did you change it ? Probably because you didnt want yourself labeled as a hypocrite probably stating before "that if quickscoping were still in the game you would never buy COD again".


                                    No I am not a fanboy and even if I was that is just your opinion. Opinions can be wrong. Big deal you can find a few posts over 5 years where you think I was wrong. I think thats what makes a person human and not a god. Humans do make mistakes.


                                    OMG. Someone one the forum had a disagreement with me and in my opinion they had a history of being wrong on the forum. You might want to call the newspapers on this one because thats the biggest story since the aliens have landed.


                                    So you dont like the way they worded it. Then its simple take your "legal right" to get a complete refund on this game and get your money back. But for one excuse or another you wont. You will most likely say you have a right to play this game or some other nonsense like that and find some excuse NOT to return the game. But you wont return it, you will keep spending months on this forum complaining about the quickscopers in the game because you cant adapt to them.


                                    Even IF your opinion was right and they did lie, you cant change the past, nor can you punish them for their false statements. The only thing you can do is return the game, which of course STILL wont hurt them. They already sold the game to your seller who is the only one that gets hurt when you return your game. You made the choice to reach for your wallet. You could have even waited a few days to buy the game or rented it to see if the quickscopers were still in the game but you didnt. Instead you rushed out and bought this game because 60 dollars was burning a hole in your pocket.


                                    You got ripped off before in a COD game and you got ripped off again. Fool me once .... But of course you arent at fault for buying the game . They stole that 60 bucks out of your pocket and force the game into your hand.

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                                        Yeah sure you "deleted" your old account. Why did you change it ? Probably because you didnt want yourself labeled as a hypocrite probably stating before "that if quickscoping were still in the game you would never buy COD again".

                                        Do you go out of your way not to think before you type ? If I had anything to hide then why would I even mention an account I didn't want others to know about ? Why is the fact I deleted an account due to how terrible BO2 was in my eyes, and how much I didn't enjoy playing it, be something your find hard to conceive. I mean really what a way out there idea lol. To be honest it''s that long ago I couldn't even remember my account details let alone the name I used. That account wasn't even link to my Xbox one account where as this one is.

                                        You have a great day starbuckfrack because I'm past arguing with stupidity....

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                                            Notice I said the word "Probably" . I even said it twice. HENCE the reason I did not want to DISCUSS past histories.


                                            People differ in opinion just like the reason for people disagreeing with you in this post.


                                            So lets get down to facts. Stop trying to pull up the past. Why dont you pull up your bootstraps and return this game ?

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                                                What is with these BS topics about getting refunds? I have bought some of the worst games ever and I didn't ask for a refund, I sold the games used and moved on.


                                                Did I got on the Aliens Colonel marines website and start blasting regulars from my newly created second account. No I didn't, sell the game and go try another game. From what I understand they don't have any quick scoping in Super Mario Kart. Its fun and easy to play. That might keep you quiet.

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                                                    Saints Row 3 returned it to Gamestop got 20 bucks back. Considered it a loss.


                                                    Halo Reach sold it to my neighbor for 30 bucks considered it a loss.


                                                    I made the choice to buy the games. No one else but me.


                                                    Made one post offering my opinions on their forums and never looked back or posted another response there again. Never even responded to those people that may have entered my thread.


                                                    Pretty simple solution right there. Made a really good post just like that other guy that posted goodbye to COD a few days ago.

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                                                      It has nothing to do with getting a refund. I've never said anything about getting my money back or I wont play the game. I just don't like being deceived for the plain purpose of selling a product.  If they had said Qsing is still in Ghosts and been open about dedicated servers from the very first press release. Then if I had purchased the game and I didn't like either of those two facts, the fault would be my own. But I bought it on information that was misleading and that annoyed me, as I don't like being taken for a MUG

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                                            So you basically wanted them to spell out to you that there is a 100% guarantee that you would be on dedis. When, I read the info... Igot.. there is no way you can guarantee that you'll play on a dedicated server. There were more interviews done by Rubin (other than some long tweet) tha he stated.. "The system will not hook you toa dedicated server if you're too far from the ddata center".


                                            People are gullible to their own demise. No one makes you gullible. I'll defend Infinity Ward based on the fact they never lied. Most people decided to believe Youtubers instead of understanding how to read.

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                                                You have no defense as you have NO PROOF they DIDN'T LIE, your clearly not a PC gamer and as such your comment is BULLSHIT, do you know what ranked client hosted dedicated servers are? No you don't judging by your statement, there is a HUGE difference between matchmaking dedication from a system and a live working server browser to which WE can host servers to better serve the players in the regions they play in. I'm am sick of the fact that 3rd worlders keep getting locked in as the host in P2P matchmaking in these games, it is much easier for clients to rent a server based on region, for example me being american I want to be able to join american hosted servers so that my ping is and STAYS reasonably low in order to MP properly.

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                                            No, you read words into their statements that were never there. How does "Is quickscoping gone? Maybe" in any way insinuate that quickscoping will be gone completely. He asked the question he knew would be on peoples lips, and answered it as honestly as he could. 3arc tried to get rid of quickscoping on BO1. Despite their best efforts people were still able to do it, but it was just rare as dodos that you saw them. Ergo, he had no way of knowing for SURE that QS would be gone or not, so he said MAYBE. Tell me how on gods green earth he said QS would be gone?!


                                            Also, with Dedi's it was never ever insinuated on launch, it was merely stated that they would be available for all platforms. No timeframe was given for them at any point so where you got 'launch day availability' from 'will be available' is again beyond me. As soon as they announced that they'd be running a hybrid system, anyone with an iota of common sense and ability to not get swept along by youtube and internet bandwagons knew that the game would launch on its P2P system and introduce the dedi's slowly. If you'd ever played a game on day 1 dedi's you'd understand why thats a prudent measure as well. You think the games laggy now? Try it on day 1 dedi's LMAO

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                                            The guy from Raven or Neversoft, whichever one it is, is ON RECORD doing an interview and said "QUICKSCOPING IS NOT IN THE GAME" I have seen the interview myself. It was a bold face lie as I just got out of a lobby where I would put 2 or 3 shots in a guy and then BAM!! to the ground I went, wash, rinse, repeat. Not only is it in the game, but the people I have talked to said it is actually easier than Black Ops 2. The thing that pisses me off is that you watch the killcam (Yes...I know they are not 100% accurate)and the hitmarker is 5 feet to the side or above your body. It is absolutely ridiculous. That's my rant and my opinion. Thanks.

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                                            This tweet certainly gave the anti-quickscoping community hope. As far as lying or false advertising, I don't think he did. Now that the game has been released, it turned out to be more like false hope.


                                            When a lot of players bought into this no quick-scoping in Ghosts idea, there was still a part of the community that predicted sniping quickly would still be effective. Especially with the "Is it gone completely? Maybe" response.


                                            I can see your view and don't completely disagree with your disgust, maybe.

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                                                How can you say it's not lying or false advertising when it clearly is not as stated in that released information. I'm 43 and have never Qs'ed in all my time of COD. I hard scoped in MW2 and thats the last time i used a sniper rifle in COD. But I decided I wanted the Ghillie suit, so I started think it was going to be slow and painful, when in fact it was far from that and I now have the suit and a positive KD with the L115. So much for harder. And the main reason it was easy, is simple the Thermal scope is so OP it's a joke.

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                                                I don't know. I find it funny that he also stated "traditional" quick-scoping. So I guess you can say that Ghosts has untraditional quickscoping?


                                                I've dabbled with snipers in all the CoDs since WaW and am just a little younger than you. I'm not a very good quickscoper but enjoy using them on the move and also digging in and being patient with the scope.


                                                I am finding sniping to be enjoyable in Ghosts. Thermal scope is great and brings back memories of MW2. Its not hard and I've  always been a big fan of easy.

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                                                  I'm not going to call it a Robert bowling type lie but that whole announcement from Rubin has turned out to be a load of crap. First of all the marksman rifles are worthless, there is no reason to use them over snipers and lmgs. Secondly they give sniper rifles an attachment in the chrome lined bullets that actually increase damage at a minimal accuracy penalty. I've yet to hit anyone with the chrome lined and it not drop them in 1 hit, with any sniper rifle, in core. I'm more of a hardscoper but when i have had to quick scope, it's as easy as it's ever been. The sway timing seems to be slightly slower than in BO2 but it's a far less significant "nerf" than Rubin made it out to be. So was it all a lie? Not going that far, but it's definitely coming up short.

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                                                      I said it months ago that anyone who thought IW were going to remove Qs is delusional.


                                                      Love  it or hate it it is a massive part of this game.Do you know the amount of backlash and loss of player base if the removed it completely? It wouldve made vonderhaar look like a saint.


                                                      Before you flame me you need to know that yes I do see both sides of the fence and I do think people were misled maybe unintentionally.However I do defend sniping and snipers to the death so as long as I paid for my copy and you didnt and as long as I am in no way cheating or modifying weapons,code,or lobbies I can snipe however I like and theres not a damn thing you can do about it.Except start these threads.



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                                                        I use and enjoy the marksman rifles but do agree there is no real advantage or reason to pick them over snipers.

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                                                        This is call of duty. Where a company can come out and make promises to raise sales and not come close to their promise.


                                                        Don't you remember the whole 402 "**** last stand" ordeal. It's just a pathetic ass attempt to get their sales up. Just like dedicated servers and the whole current gen and next gen having the same game experience.


                                                        Best to just not expect anything IW/3Arc promises to come true.


                                                        Also, people that claim dedi's are a thing on current gen. Please explain, why someone that lives in LA isn't getting on Dedi's? Or, by some idiotic miracle do they not have them in larger cities? NOt having dedi's wouldn't be that bad if the game connection in general didn't blow ass. There's a point to where it's shitty hosts getting picked... and every game happening to have lag even when you lobby hop.

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                                                          Just to generally clear up what I expect from any company I buy a product from and that is TRANSPARENCY.

                                                          It doesn't matter that myself or others read the announcements of dedicated servers and the removal of Qsing in this game in a way that apparently they did not intent it to be read. What matters is these statements were worded in such a way that it was POSSIBLE for people like myself to misunderstand the information and that was clearly there intention. With the BS defence it was not meant in that way if and when called out on the matter. They were MISLEADING intentionally. Activison know full well what is legal or not, they have a dedicated legal team to protect them over such matters. So please don't expect people to believe these were worded badly by mistake.

                                                          To advertise anything in a way that can be interpreted by it's content in a way that is not FACT, is against advertising laws in the UK.

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                                                            Keepmequite wrote:


                                                            However in re-envisioning sniper rifles some aspects, such as sway timing, have changed the way sniper rifles function and so traditional ‘quick-scoping’ has been affected. Is it gone completely? Maybe. It certainly won’t be viable in the way it previously was.


                                                            There are no lies in Mark Rubin's statement.  It is actually a pretty accurate representation of how quickscoping was affected.


                                                            Traditional quickscoping involved aligning your target to the centre of your screen, ADSing and then firing when you see the first frame of the crosshairs appear in your scope.  If timed perfectly this would often lead to the killcam displaying a black scope.


                                                            This is not possible anymore since ADS accuracy is not achieved until a split second after that first frame appears so you have wait before you fire. It's most reminiscent of Black Ops 1 quickscoping in that respect. 

                                                            I don't see how quickscoping can be considered a big issue in this game.  The fastest you can be killed with a quickscope is 0.3 seconds.  Every other gun in the game is capable of killing faster than that, so as long as you're not rushing around corners like a headless chicken you should have zero problem dealing with quickscoping. 


                                                            If you have concerns about a product containing a feature you might not like then you should wait to be sure before you complete your purchase.  Information that quickscoping was going to be in the game was readily available before the game's launch.  It was well known that the build of the game played at the launch event contained all of the sniper modifications mentioned in Rubin's post and people were still quickscoping at the event, without quickdraw.  There's little point in complaining about its inclusion after the fact

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                                                                So does that mean it's perfectly all right to release information that is worded in a way that can be read in a miss leading manner ?

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                                                                    There's nothing misleading about what he said at all.  He came straight out to clear up a statement that one of the Raven Devs made in an interview with Game Informer.  Quickscoping is unequivocally not possible in the same way it was and his statement was correct.


                                                                    The statement was also released on twitter and therefore does not constitute "advertising" on the part of the company but the personal view of an employee in the company shared with members of the community.  One person's opinion does not constitute the official line of the company


                                                                    It's a long way from being a "breach of advertising laws in the UK" as you so put it.  Carlsberg have made an entire advertising campaign out of saying that it's "probably the best larger in the world".... that's been around for decades and nobody has pulled them up on it. 

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                                                                      Its only your opinion that it was false. No one reads the same statement the same way all the time. Many people can interpret what he said in many different ways. Is it a crime ? I dont know. Why dont you try returning the game under your assumptions that they lied and see if they give you a full refund. But even if they do give you a full refund doesnt mean they were lying, the seller might just give you your money back to keep good customer service. Its hard to say when we arent actually there.


                                                                      Did you ever hear of the term buyer beware ? Thats why they made that saying.


                                                                      you cant turn back the clock and take away their statement. But what you could have done is rent the game, possibly waited a few days and read the forums, but you didnt.


                                                                      You got ripped off before buying a COD game and you got ripped off again. So whose fault is that , that you got ripped off again. Oh no certainly not yours.

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                                                                    yes and they lied lol and they lied about dedicated servers.


                                                                    yes they were vague, they were vague to deliberately mislead the paying customer hence its a lie

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                                                                      You seem to think starbuckfrack I am alone in this misconception of being lied to, mislead, or what ever term people wish to phrase it as. It would appear I was not the only single individual that assumed such information from released details. So I suppose all of people who thought they would get what was stated are inbreed, backwards and some what retarded lunatics that need locking up.


                                                                      Of course the above would be better than being so closed minded one couldn't conceive how such comments could be seen as lies. Have a great day........................

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                                                                          You seem to think that i am blind and only see your post.. Wrong. As I said , not every person is going to take the same thing from what they said. YOUR opinion is YOUR opinion. My opinion is MY opinion.


                                                                          Fact is that you people thought they lied to you. You cant UNDO it.


                                                                          WHAT are you going to do about it ? You going to cry some more or are you going to actually DO something about it ? (for like what the 5th time I said it and yet you still refuse to answer ?)


                                                                          Are you going to blame them because you rushed out and bought another garbage  game to complain about or you going to blame yourself ?


                                                                          Are you going to hang around the forums for months or are you going to make a stand ?


                                                                          You notice that I am not the only one on this forum that disagrees with you but you sure ignore most of their posts and the actual question. What are you going to do ? You supposedly have a legal right to return the game so why dont you act like the 43 year old adult you are and return the game or hire a lawyer ?


                                                                          crying on the forum wont get you your 60 bucks back and wont get an apology from the developers so why are you even here. I would have been to gamestop and back with my money and started playing another game.

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                                                                          I certainly do remember this and as everyone who jumped for joy shouting "YES, it's gone" when in reality, I knew it hadn't, and stated this several times myself.

                                                                          As I re-read this statement below, I can't help but notice the obvious, as I did when this was originally said.


                                                                          However in re-envisioning sniper rifles some aspects, such as sway timing, have changed the way sniper rifles function and so traditional ‘quick-scoping’ has been affected. Is it gone completely? Maybe. It certainly won’t be viable in the way it previously was.


                                                                          Please note the keyword Maybe in this statement....It was the giveaway months ago.


                                                                          Your welcome.

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                                                                              By the definition the word MAYBE can have a positive or negative meaning. So I openly admit I took it to mean Qsing would not be possible in the game. By QSing I mean people that rapidly bring the scope up and down to there eye and shoot not those that bring the scope up and take a few seconds to find there target in front of them and shoot. 

                                                                              To use such a word as MAYBE that can be misconstrued in such an easy way is where my problem lies. Is it gone completely? Maybe

                                                                              That sentence should never of been used in any released information as it is clearly misleading either way depending on how you feel about Qsing.

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                                                                              Yhea IW were deliberately misleading. Basicly lying through omission. Doesent bother me though. Now the lag the spawns and the camping orientation of the game do.