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      Simplicity Gaming



      A Competitive Call of Duty Community

      Playstation 3 / Playstation 4


      Live Simple.  Kill Simple.



      If you’re interested in joining the Simplicity community, please visit our main forums at SimplicityGaming.com and post an application under our Apply to Simplicity thread.


      Xat Chat Link: Welcome_to_Simplicity chat group - A Competitive Call of Duty Community


      Requirements to Join

      Ghosts K/D ratio of 1.5 and Ghosts W/L ratio of 1.5


      Team Stats:

      Team K/D- 2.5

      Team W/L- 3.0


      Simplicity Gaming was founded in November of 2013 by four, dedicated, Call of Duty players with over 15 years of clan leadership between them.  Simplicity Gaming was formed on having both an emphasis in competitive play and a sense of community.  Too often, clans are able to achieve one of these aspects, but not both.  A competition-driven clan becomes too large overtime and a sense of community is lost in the process.  On the other hand, a clan that focuses on fun and casual gaming is limited to just that.  They are unable to get into the competitive scene without doing a major overhaul of their clan’s structure and membership.  We believe we have found that perfect mix of both.


      At Simplicity, we are looking for Call of Duty players that share the same dedication we do.  We want players that are willing to grow in their gaming skills and bring those skills to the competitive scene, but in the process, make friends and have an awesome time as well.


      Please don’t hesitate to visit our forums or Xat chat.  Both links are listed above.  If you have any questions about Simplicity Gaming, feel free to post on this thread, private message one of the founders (Kab, Conman, Cat, and Sizy) on our forums, or stop by the Xat chat and see if someone is around.  We’ll be more than happy to help assist you in any way possible.


      Simplicity Gaming is a competitive, Call of Duty community that only plans on growing in the months and years to come.  We have the experience and drive to make Simplicity Gaming the best Call of Duty community out there, and want you to be a part of that journey as well.

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          1. Re: [SyG] Simplicity Gaming (PS3/PS4)

          Please don't hesitate to ask any questions regarding Simplicity Gaming.  We're here to help in any way we can

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            2. Re: [SyG] Simplicity Gaming (PS3/PS4)


            hardcore mode too?

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              3. Re: [SyG] Simplicity Gaming (PS3/PS4)

              psn DakYolo95

              K/D 2.06

              W/L 2.40


              I would like to talk to you in game an then play a few games if that would be kool

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                4. Re: [SyG] Simplicity Gaming (PS3/PS4)

                Right now we only have members in the US and Canada, but are more than willing to expand into the UK.  We're also willing to expand to hardcore if there is enough interest.

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                  5. Re: [SyG] Simplicity Gaming (PS3/PS4)

                  Alright no problem.  I see you visited the Xat chat.  If you get back on, we can hook up .

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                    6. Re: [SyG] Simplicity Gaming (PS3/PS4)

                    kk im on

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                      7. Re: [SyG] Simplicity Gaming (PS3/PS4)

                      This is my experience with your clan which is what this forum is for.  I gave my honest opinion without using any abusive language, or false facts which is less than you are willing to give.  (According to the OP my opinion is less credible, and I don't act my age).


                      My application was also not denied like the OP said, but I did withdraw my application after the mistreatment I received from the leaders of this clan similar to the posts above.


                      I still stand on my original opinion.  If you are looking for a friendly clan I suggest you search further.

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                        8. Re: [SyG] Simplicity Gaming (PS3/PS4)

                        You were in no way mistreated, Acem.  We are not denying you of giving an opinion, however, if you are going to give an opinion we would at least ask that you be honest in doing so.  Us defending ourselves against false claims made against our team is in no way different than being entitled to an opinion.  Again, we kindly ask you to move on.  We apologize for things not working out in terms of admittance to Simplicity Gaming, but we will not tolerate someone trying to spread rumors about our team.  Once again, have some happy gaming, folks

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                          9. Re: [SyG] Simplicity Gaming (PS3/PS4)

                          Hey everyone, co-founder of Simplicity Gaming here (and one of those accused of keeping stats by making multiple accounts).


                          Acem (I'll use your regular name to keep things proper), we did in fact formally reject your app, though the entire thing was later removed. Also, I was under the impression that we had at least come to a sort of agreement to keep the peace, though apparently I was wrong. Your opinions towards this team are your own and you're free to have them. However, your accusations are baseless.


                          Our entry stats are what they are for the sake of creating a group of competitive players. One out of four founders being on the lower end of the requirements means nothing in the way of our integrity. In order to have a team that's going to last and succeed, there are many roles that need to be filled, and Conman plays one of the largest roles in Simplicity Gaming.

                          In game bickering can be considered annoying by some, though there's a distinct difference between sarcastic bantering and genuine complaining. And besides, it's a Call of Duty game, what isn't there to complain about

                          Beyond that, many players have multiple accounts and that's just a part of playing an online game. You can't argue that our stats are a direct result of multiple accounts, if we still have the ability to perform in game and pull out the win.



                          All in all, to anyone thinking of joining, I ask that you see for yourself Feel free to visit us on chat, and we're always happy to get a few games in.

                          Happy gaming!

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