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    Kills Day By Day [ps3] looking for teen members

      Kills Day By Day

      We are looking for new members who are active like us. We currently have 5 members and we are level 7. We all range from the age of 14-16 but we have members who are in there 20-40 yr old range.We dont care if your good or bad. We are really wanting to expand our game base. We need people who will play clan vs clan and clan wars. also just regular online. We play a little bit of everything in the core menu. We also would like members with a mic. If you want to help us expand please join us on the app: Kills Day By Day. We also have a fb page for information when u join our clan. Lastly we do have practice every to every other sunday around 7pm est. (not mandatory). We would love to have y'all with us.


      ~Clan Leader~