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        200. Re: Ghosts Q & A

        Hi Candice, I started my COD experience on MW3 and what a game that is to this day. I then went forward to BOP's 2 now ghosts and how disappointed withe last 2 games I am, well BOP's 2 because treyarch are crap full stop, they ripped everyone off in my opinion. Ghosts let me get all excited just to shoot me down, I understand people like to run and gun but come on, it's constant running around killing, there are no holding down and advancing to take ground like in MW3, I hate it and that's why people are going to MW3 again. My question is : are you going to make another real urban warfare game with big maps and better games to stop all this running around like ants crap. The guns, the dog and some other stuff from Ghosts on MW3 maps would be spectacular. Please say there is gonna be MW4.

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          201. Re: Ghosts Q & A

          will there be any eSports playlist added?

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            202. Re: Ghosts Q & A

            Any chance of getting a Mute All button added to the waiting for game lobby?

            Any chance of getting a Mute All button in the in-game options menu without being hidden behind other options? The last thing I want to do in a match is go hunting through menus to shut someone up who is being really irritating.

            Any chance of being able to do this while watching the final match kill like we were able to in Modern Warfare 2 (and 3, I believe).

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              203. Re: Ghosts Q & A

              Hello. My question is in regards to a game mode. I've noticed there is a game mode called Grind that is exclusively for Private Match, etc. (not online). It is a very fun mix of game modes, and I first played it recently and found it to be REALLY fun. I was wondering if it could be implemented into the online section of the game also? And, of course, thank you. =)

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                204. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                So far most of my time playing Ghosts has been spent reporting cheaters after the game ends. I must say, the game play and lag issues have improved since it's release, unfortunately, the hacker problem still remains.

                Since this appears to be too much of a problem to fix, may I make a suggestion that may work.  What if you integrate the best hacks available into the next update? This way all the players would be on the same level playing field. Maybe this would open up new possibilities and attract more players and generate more cash-flow for IW!

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                  205. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                  Will you stick to your guns and embrace the larger maps, along with the possibilities  that they provide! ?  I can finally snipe and put up numbers that help the team.   Adjust spawns for zones, where you keep q hot zone hot, but also have areas of the map where a sniper can fulfill their purpose, in the larger open areas.  If a person wants to challenge ranged weapons,  then they have the option of stepping outside their comfort zone, justdas I have the option of rushing close quarters with only my trusty pistol!?

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                    206. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                    when will you add the party games? etc: gun game, all or nothing, one in the chamber..

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                      207. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                      add missiles to the helo pilot and  have better control

                      make assault streaks op

                      gryphon faster and can't be destroyed by its own explosive

                      assault jugg a little quicker

                      manic should have commando and quick knife animation

                      trinity rocket better control more powerful

                      sentry turret more damge  and able to be controlled

                      vulture and battlehind more damage

                      vulture can stay closer to you

                      only assault satcoms act like old uav

                      add stealth bomber to assault streak

                      add reaper,ac130, assault drone, strafe run

                      lets use the wolf and riley at the same time

                      add emergency airdrop

                      add 40 kill game ending nuke

                      add a wolf pack (k9 unit)


                      Have a good day Infinity Ward I know you working hard


                      Happy Holidays

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                        208. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                        candyslexia wrote:


                        Hey all -    We know you have questions about certain aspects of the game, and we understand some are recurring between players. That said, we'd like to start have a weekly/biweekly Q & A session…

                        All that on little maps, where does all this happen in real warfare, I'm discombobulated to say the least

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                          209. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                          Personally, I love the game and only have one complaint…. the music has to go!  Please give us the option to disable the music.

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