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        Some simple questions:


        1. Why do you not care about your PC customers?
        Add to Q1: If you did care, you would have optimised it for all users by now, right? 2 weeks and the game runs worse than release for 95% from the whole playerbase.


        2. Why haven't you optimised your game and fixed your netcode + anticheat by now (PC), considering 2 weeks have passed as of release, and 95% from the playerbase on PC is complaining? Is console so much more important than PC?
        Add to Q2: May i remind you, CoD is born and made for PC.

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          Will we ever see more classes per soldier? It's killing me only having 6 classes. I miss the 10 we could get in mw2 and even mw3. Maybe some class dlc? I would pay for more classes I want them that bad.

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            Will Warhawk be added to Ghosts Moshpit? It needs another good map,

            And for future DLC will the maps be big or small? (Compare to maps already in game)

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              Why is there only 1 fairly small map for Extinction?


              INB4 to sell more DLC.

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                what happened to Grind?

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                  Add some free maps like you did with Terminal.  Maybe Scrapyard, Highrise, dome etc. Those were good smaller maps. The maps are big atm and theres not even Groud War. Also, those maps would be great for competitive.

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                    Just buy another squad member.

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                      Just thought I'd throw it out there that they haven't answered a single question.


                      Anyway here's mine. Being the "community manager" , now that the game is released, what exactly do you get paid for? I'd assume that you would get paid to interact with the community. So, between here and Twitter, why is everything silent? If it was my job title, and I was getting paid for it, I'd be ashamed of the job being done so far.

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                        How many dedicated servers you have and where are they located?

                        Why there is no such an basic feature like, FOV slider on PC?

                        Why you didn't do any improvements to your anti-cheat system after Modern Warfare 3 was EXTREAMLY hacked?

                        Why you left out full dedicated server support for PC?

                        What are you going to do avout hackers in PC and the consoles?

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                          What are the benefits and drawbacks of having a hybrid dedicated/listen server system versus a purely listen or purely dedicated server?

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