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        70. Re: Ghosts Q & A

        1. Will you make Dead Silence completely reduce any and all footsteps? Running Dead Silence only for it to become obsolete because someone has amplify is frustrating. Especially in S&D when many people use headsets; if Dead Silence is effectively useless; it's an expensive wasted perk.


        2. Will you make S&D bomb plant/defuse sounds louder?


        3. Can you fix the matchmaking system so that when players leave the game, others are quickly added? (Many times during S&D, players leave and the game becomes 2v6 or 3v2 for several rounds and no one is ever added to the game)


        4. During S&D when you kill an enemy, their name doesn't turn red until AFTER they watch the kill cam. Can you make it so that their name on the leader board turns red immediately upon death. It makes it frustrating and confusing when you kill an enemy and check the leader board and can't tell if there are players alive or not because their name still indicates they're alive.


        5. Riot shields are a little over powered in my opinion. When they use throwing knives, there is no exposed area to shoot at; likewise with C4. Also there is a glitch that allows riot shields to inflict two hits with only one animation.


        6. TRINITY ROCKETS! They don't heat sync well AT ALL. I consistently aim the crosshair at an enemy, but it will lock onto a completely different enemy inside a building MULTIPLE times... PLEASE make the missiles go to the enemy that you're actually aiming at!!

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          71. Re: Ghosts Q & A

          Thanks for taking the time to do these!


          1. Why are revenge spawns back from MW3? No one liked those.


          2. Are you fixing the spawns?


          3. How long until you fix the spawns, if you are?


          4. Is there anything I can personally do to make you PLEASE fix the spawns? Anything...


          5. Are you fixing knifing to work farther than 1 cm away, and to actually be accurate? Right now Tactical Knife isn't even viable.

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            72. Re: Ghosts Q & A

            Most important one when you banning the hackers?

            when you removing the hackers of the leaderboard


            fiannly why cant you be like treyarch abd ban them right away

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              73. Re: Ghosts Q & A

              *Will IEDs be nerfed in regards to blast radius, proximity timer, and the proximity radius?


              *Will Amplify be nerfed to not only reduce the increased noises, but allow Dead Silence to be immune to Amplify?


              *Will Infected have more class options available for survivors, or perhaps our own custom classes?


              *Will more game modes be added via DLC, such as Hardpoint, CTF, Face-Off, party games (one in the chamber, gun game), etc?


              *Will there be a community playlist featuring fan based modes, such as Michael Myers, All or Nothing, and Face-off?


              *Will quickscoping be gimped like it was in Black Ops 1 with the ADS wobble upon scoping in?


              *Will there be more updates to increase the amount of custom options in private match, such as adjusting player speeds, perk strengths, the number of specific points added/subtracted for kills/objectives, etc.?


              *Will Air Superiority be fixed by allowing it to destroy vehicles without missing?


              *Why does Stalker cost so much?  If anything, I'd make it a 2 point ability or keep it 3 points by adding the ability to delay tripped IEDs.


              *Can Thermobaric grenades become buffed to point that they can destroy enemy ground killstreaks (sentry guns, IEDs) in one blast?


              *Can Tactical Insertions be restored to the Tactical Equipment option for players to use in all game modes?


              *Can there be an option to equip two types of tactical equipment, thus sacrificing lethal equipment?


              ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                74. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                {bhc}max|co wrote:


                PC version of Ghosts

                1. when will rentable ranked servers be available ?

                2. when will rentable unranked servers be available?

                4. when will the pc version be optimised to work with mid-high end gaming rigs?

                5.ghosts has reasonably big maps, why are tdm sizes limited to 12? will that be increased?

                6. When are the graphics actually going to be improved as you stated this would be the best looking COD of all time, and actually it looks worse than Modern Warfare 2?


                7. When will FOV be changeable in the game rather than having to use a 3rd party app?


                8. When will the graphics Vram bug be sorted out, GTX780Ti has 3Gb of Vram and the game is using it all but Crysis 3 maxed out looks better than this game and only uses 1.9Gb, even when playing the likes of Battlefield 4 at 4K it doesn't use the full 3Gb!


                9. When will the anti cheat software be added to the game?


                10. When will the sound be fixed since it's just pathetic that you can hear people's footsteps on the other side of the map?


                11. When will the instant death be fixed due to the lag comp where you die instantly after seeing the enemy, only to watch the kill cam back to find you were in the enemies sights for 3 to 4 seconds?


                12: When will the FPS cap be removed on the multiplayer side of the game, I can run the campaign maxed out at up to 300fps but averages 190fps, and it's pretty much smooth but multiplayer cannot be ran maxed out because of stutter and massive fps drops?




                I hope you actually answer some pc related questions instead of just doing the usual and ignoring the pc gamers and only dealing with the console gamers.

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                  75. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                  My questions are simple when are the spawns going to be revamped or removed and worked on from scratch? Will you please consider using an AI Controlled Spawn System that learns from it's mistakes? When will you fix the issues regarding lag and matchmaking and region lock? When are you going to nerf the AK-12, Remington, Honey Badger, K7, M-TAR, and MSBS? When are you going to buff all explosives and Blast Shield? Because the Blast Shield actually makes you more vulnerable to grenade launchers while launchers and grenade launchers are weak towards anyone not using Blast Shield to be honest they take the most skill and are the weakest weapons in the game please buff them. When are hackers going to removed from the leaderboards and banned from the game and their hacks patched?

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                    76. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                    Ill keep it Short and Sweet.


                    Can we Remove SnR from Team Tac and replace it with Regular SnD


                    Can we Please try and balance some of the dominating power of most of the AR's


                    Can we Please make some smaller maps in the DLC

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                      77. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                      Will you add third person mode in call of duty ghosts multiplayer? It would be awesome!! In Mw2 I was 24/7 on that mode

                      and what about call of duty elite for pc? When I log in callofduty.com and as identity i choose PC Account and I do "Enter Call of Duty" there's a white page with an error: The Web Page Generated A Loop.

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                        78. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                        WILL YOU PUT HEADQUARTERS GAME MODE? Because my Clan is HQ Clan and we had there Clan Battles... Can you put Headquarters game mode?

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                          79. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                          Can we have the avenge feature of the dog scorestreak either removed completely or severely toned down so it only triggers within a certain radius - atm the dog is the canine equivalent of dead mans hand .


                          Seeing as stats are shared between platform families surely having a double xp weekend just for next gens means those with both consoles in the same family get an extra double xp weekend for theirr current gen stats

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