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    [PS3][Dark] Dark Destiny Is Recruiting


      We are a new clan looking for members to join our ranks.. on the ps3, as well as other platforms.  We would like to become one of the top clans.   We dont have any requirements other then playing once a week and grouping up with the clan for clan levels... if you are wanting to get into the clan for clan wars pst me in game ... my Call Sign is Disiple73.  Send me a request with i want a clan invite.   if you want to see how we work please send a ingame invite for hard core games.... the current status of our clan is Two me and my wife.  current clan level is 6,   come join us and help us grow.  i am looking for someone who is well vers in the way of the new clan emblems... as well as one that can help lead the clan with me and my wife ...