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    LF a Competative ps3 clan

      I have been in a few clans now and either they were douchbags or they just wernt very clan like and so im looking fo a good clan that wants to participate Clan Wars and possibly even Clan battles and/or GBs. I live in california but i play alot so you wont have to worry if im going to be on that day because chances are i will be. I dont mind if the clan is small and just starting or anywhere up to 50 members but thats about as much as i would like to se because i would like to get to know my clan member very well.


      Here are my stats because i know it important to every clan and there are important to me.

      K/D: 2.04

      W/L: 2.50

      My main games are Dom Blitz TDM KC and SnD but i know how to play all even hardcore.


      I would like to in responses minimal clan requirements because i would like to play with people on the sma e level as me.


      PS i have friends in really good clans that we can scrim and get better which im always looking to do.

      Thx all!


      PSN DakYolo95