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    Ping Perk Challenge Flaws

      Ive been noticing some issues with this perk, or more so the challenge for it


      1. Doesnt seem to count towards your ping challenge if a satcom is not up.  Even if youre playing core

      2. Does not count towards ping challenge if two enemies are side by side or close together and you kill one right after the other

      3. Does not ALWAYS count towards your ping challenge even if you kill someone within 5 seconds of being identified.  Unless their 5 seconds is much quicker than a normal 5 seconds.


      Has anyone else been noticing this when they are doing the ping challenge?  There have been countless instances where i kill a guy, he gets pinged, and i kill him.  But it does not count it.  I can only guess that it is because a satcom is not up, or this challenge is flawed or glitched.  Been trying to see if Core would remedy the issue of no satcom and it still does the same thing.  Problem is, its doing it when a satcom is up too.  Im running hardline satcom and thats it for my killstreaks.  So i there is nearly a satcom up 75% of the time.  Anyone have any suggestions for this?