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    Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Mode Storyline? [SPOILERS]

      As you may know, in the past Call of Duties that had Zombies in it, it all concluded a major storyline in it about Dr. Maxis making the zombies then Richtofen taking over and "Samantha Maxis," and all that other complicated stuff. Well, have you ever wondered if Extinction Mode ever has a storyline? I know it relates to the same thing as Campaign where ODIN bombs cities. And then 2 weeks after that, Extinction Mode happens? When this came to my mind, I looked all over Youtube for some kind storyline explanation to this, but I couldn't come close to a fully detailed story line thing, so I decided to try and examine what the characters say and how they could be a possibility to the storyline. Here's my theory.


      First off, I listened at the beginning to what Inspector12 said before he got on the chopper. The first thing he said that I found strange was: "This place has been a bloody battleground since these things were unearthed." Unearthed? Well, if you think about it, the ODIN satellite wasn't some alien spaceship or anything, so everybody wonders how they got here. My theory is that they are indeed aliens, but they are from this Earth. Unearthed exact definition: www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/unearthed If you looked at the definition in the link, it means to find out of the Earth, so these aliens are not from outer space, they're not extraterrestrials, they are from underground, and when ODIN hit, they came from underground after being there for a long time or something. Another thing that I find strange is that the characters know what to call these creatures. Do the characters know something about how these aliens got here? I mean, the aliens can't just be underground unnoticed for centuries because we have mines, and underground vaults and things like that. So, did like a scientist do something to produce creatures and hide them underground or something? And also, the meteors if you notice don't come from the sky, they grow from underground. I think one of these characters are hiding something, kind of like Sam from CoD: Zombies was the only one to speak with Richtofen. The Hives... how did they get there? My explanation: They grew from underground and produce more aliens, so maybe the aliens are actually from plants that grew from underground. This is just my theory, so this source isn't 100% accurate, so please don't give me hate if you have other explanations.