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    Shotgun slugs lol

      Just finished Slugs ll operation (250 kills) for new uniform. Frustrating to say the least. Def not a good class at all for a run and gunner lol. Hint: do not hip fire slugs, it's like fire air at your opponent (only louder so he turn turn and drop you). And prepare for a lot of hitmarkers 


      I use shotguns a lot, more than any other weapon so I know how bad they are, slow fire rate and knifing distance range. I must be masochistic haha. Just got my Tac12 gold, but tbh it's really not worth it, not even for those fun frantic run + gun streaks you can get every now and then. Every other gun out performs it by miles, as quick to kill + range.

      I'm not sure how they could improve them without upsetting a lot of ppl tho. Maybe a lot more range with higher damage drop off


      I would however suggest a shotty  class if you wanna get better at the game. Use a shotgun only for 10+ games, then switch to your fav weapon and notice your scores improve immensely

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          Re: Shotgun slugs lol

          If they make shotguns good everyone will complain.

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            Re: Shotgun slugs lol

            The slugs need to be as powerful as the KSG in BO2.  I've only used them a few times, but getting hit markers from a pump action slug at short range is useless.  The KSG rewarded accuracy and punished misses.  The slugs in Ghosts feel only slightly more powerful than the buckshot(maybe two hits instead of three) with none of the spread advantage.


            Semi auto's shouldn't have slugs, though.


            I still want dragonsbreath shells for pump actions, with fire damage over time.  They basically already exist as incendiary rounds in Extinction, just balance them for MP and make it happen.

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