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    Ghosts won't play on my Xbox One

      So far I am unable to play Ghosts I am on my 2nd copy of the game all my other games work ie Forza, and Madden but not Ghosts the game instantly freezes and caused the Xbox to shut off I have posted on the twitter feed with no response hoping a fellow user can help as Activision seems unwilling to offer any suggestions.

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          sorry about that, first off.


          if it makes you feel better, there aren't very many people playing. also the things patched for ps3 and 360 don't seem to have made it to xbone. spawns were TERRIBLE last night.


          not to mention the whole headset and chat debacle. i'm sure you've seen those threads here and elsewhere.


          got any other games you can roll on with? i still haven't put Ryse in yet. looking forward to that. my lady is currently slashing away in Dead Rising. Great game btw

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            I'm having this problem as well. It would be awesome if anyone could provide a solution as I really want to play ghosts


            I'm on my second copy of the game as well and someone at eb games said that lots of people are having the same problem

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                Hi, Cod would not load for me either so I solved it by ringing xbox and going through a reset for the xb1 as follows. While off hold down the eject button and the console power button together until you hear a sound maybe 10 secs or so (not a start up or shut down sound) this should then start up the console with a green screen and at low resolution. Enter the disk and play just to check then you can change the settings back to 1080p or whatever you use and the game should work. On my xbox this gave me a Kinect problem so I solved this by taking all the leads out of the back of the xbox, leave for 20 secs then put all back in except the Kinect, turn on, go to Kinect in settings, plug in the Kinect and it should come straight back on. Any probs in uk call 0207 365 979 for xbox support they will call you back. All my other games worked fine and I am on my second copy too. Happy Codding

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                Same here...this is the download I got for 10 dollars because I bought one earlier for 360.  After installing the game, which took FOREVER, Ghosts will start to load then go into a loop at the splash screen.  Sometime I get to the main menu to choose Campaign, Multiplayer or Squads then whatever I choose...it ends up back to a loop.  VERY disappointing as all my other games work including DLCs.

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                  same issue here. I returned the digital double pack for a hard copy and it only worked for an extra minute before it freezes. i wish we could get a solution...it's ridiculous that we spend $500 and the console can't even play a game from a disc correctly.

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                    For those having an issue... what is your NAT?


                    Works fine for me... and my NAT is open.

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                      it isnt lag, it freezes my xbox whether I'm playing an offline match or online match.

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                        I have the same problem!!! it took 12 hours to download, and freezes on the campaign loading screen and crashes the whole xbox one. My other games work fine. Sort it out Activision now, i wont to play!!!!

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                          Hey guys try This go to settings and then goto to Blu ray select it and clear persistent storage.It worked for me

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                            Got two connections at my house, one of them works fine, when trying to use the other i encounter a lot of the issues that everybody has been talking about. The funny thing is, the connection i would have expected to present less of a problem is the problematic one, have no issues with either on the 360.

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                                I had the same issue also.  I have answered all of Activision's questions on Twitter then again after posting in the forum.  I have not received a response from their twitter or forum staff.  This is clearly a larger problem and rather than say admit they don't have a fix ready, they are just going radio silent.


                                At this point, I am likely returning the entire xbox one bundle.  Who need this aggravation.

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                                  This is not a lag issue, so allow me to clarify for the infinity ward/Activision personnel who do not have the common decency to address the real problem. Its been almost 2 months now and still no answers!!!!!!!!!!


                                  When the Ghosts disc is started the initial loading screen comes up. After this the screen turns black as if it was going to load the main menu. However, the screen stays black and does not load anything. This has absolutely nothing to do with network connectivity, nor lag. It freezes on a black screen no matter what user is logged in and whether the internet is hooked up or not. The problem has been narrowed down to a glitch in the call of duty game. When I uninstall the game and reinstall the game it works for a few days. However, this is quite annoying and for a $550 device this is absolutely ridiculous!!


                                  Let alone to not be answered correctly. Its as if everyone here is some phone teller in India reading from some booklet because they have no idea what they are doing or talking about. It is a shame the real workers at infinity ward left to respawn because the game ain't  worth **** if you can't play the damn thing.


                                  Lastly, the problem seems to happen quicker when two people use the same Xbox. With one person always logging in it worked for two weeks, but when I logged in on my dads Xbox it froze later that day. If anyone on this forum from Activision has any real feedback let me know, otherwise I will be bombarding you with posts, emails, twits containing the same information every single day every hour until it is fixed. This will be done with a simple script, so please get this figured out before the company loses any credibility they might have left (which ain't much ).



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                                  Everyone knows Titanfall will be far better then cod ever was

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                                    UPDATE: After numerous uninstall and reinstalls I have found the following data to be accurate:


                                    When uninstalling the game, two options are available.

                                    1. Uninstall

                                    2. Uninstall game and all add-ins.


                                    If you simply uninstall the game, the same problem persists. However, when I select uninstall with add-ons, I can play again.

                                    Hope this helps someone skimming through millions of lines of code to find the issue and God bless whoever is, as they listen to Activision's nonsense.


                                    Also, I am having a similar issue on Battlefield 4, so it may be a Microsoft issue. They probably never did get rid of the one game for one Xbox limitations within, so perhaps they are being triggered somehow.


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                                        I'm having the same issue.  I've been playing with no problems since launch...then all of a sudden a few days ago, I get a black screen and it freezes....will not progress to the menu.  Very frustrating.

                                        I am attempting a new install now.  This has nothing to do with connection speed, NAT type, or my location.  It's a bug I am sure they are aware of.

                                        VERY frustrated.

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                                        The solution for the black screen loading issues is to shut down your xbox one completely.  Either by unplugging your power cord for 30 seconds or by holding your finger on the power button til the xbox shuts off and the light on the power unit turns orange. No need to reinstall. Happy gaming!

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                                          HHere's what I did after it wouldn't start after loading screen. Take cod out of ur box while it's still on, turn off the box with cod in your hand, wait for it to stop processing and turn off all the way then stick in cod while it is still off, it should turn on by itself and load the game boom good to go well for me it worked