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      I know everyone on this forum likes to brag about how bada** they are in a video game, well you can do it here, but I don't care about your KD or W/L instead I want you to brag through your Patches that's right brag through that patch for which you shed tears, curses, blood, and time for.



      I'll start my favourite and by far the most difficult patch i have earned to date is


      Clueless- get 200 kills with .44 magnums with akimbo and acog equipped



      ^^^^^^^ I love this patch and trust me it was tough to get, but it is one of the best looking patches also


      it has a dog wearing a tie and 3d glasses and the statement says " I don't know what I'm doing" and since im playing Ghost that is true.



      So which ones are your Patch n Pride?

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