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    Has anybody seen any quickscopers?

      I play mostly TDM on ps3 and i havent seen one Qser yet. I have seen lots of snipers and was QSed once but i think that was a panic scope that got lucky. So im wondering is it happening? Ive seen many videos of people doing it and some forum pages of people complaining about it but have not seen one person in game that was quickscoping. Its actually easier imo to quickscope in this game, they far from fixed it. I cant quickscope for **** bc ive never even really tried to master the skill. But i did play on recruit against bots on both games, this and BO2, and by far ghost was easiest, and the bots are much harder and smarter than on BO2. It was everywhere in BO2 and it was harder to do so im wondering why i havent seen it yet. If you have seen it, which system are you on and which game mode do you play when you see it? And if you havent then why? Its easier than BO2 so why arnt ppl doing it?


      Keep in mind im not asking your opinion on quickscoping and its legitimacy bc that would start a flame war. Just if you have seen it a lot or not, if so where if not why isnt it present.

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