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    Arena-style gameplay

      In my opinion, the two most damaging aspects of this game are the map sizes and the spawn system.




      From COD 4 to Black Ops (1), the maps had an arena feel to them. Sure there were buildings and the occasion containers/blown up buses you could take cover in, but the maps were designed to be arenas. What this created was competitive gameplay, where there were some close quarter encounters and a 'no man's land' with some cover.


      This allowed players to adopt a variety of tactics: you could run and gun with shotguns and smgs but sticking to the periphery of the map; you could chose to snipe, allowing you to pick off anybody lingering too much in the 'no man's land', but almost useless in close quarters; you could be a versatile assault rifle/ lmg gunner, operating at mid-range but disadvantaged at close q combat and in an open space battle with a sniper.


      That was what COD was about.


      Remember maps like The Bog, Crash, Backlot, Makin, Overgrown, Hanger, Shipment, Dome, Firing Range, Nuketown, Afghan, Scrapyard etc.




      The spawn system in COD 4, MW2, W@W and BO (post patch) all catered to the 'arena' based gameplay that made the call of duty franchise a super power. The enemies spawned away from each other, which allowed both teams to adjust their strategies and approach the battle the way they see fit.


      The rule of thumb was that if your team mates were all around one side of the map, the enemies were on the other. Even though this was the case, one was still aware of potential flanking players.


      Call of Duty Ghost appears to have gone against these proven 'rules', and has delivered a mediocre experience. An experience worthy of igniting the demise of the franchise.


      My question is, why have the developers gone in this direction?

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          Re: Arena-style gameplay

          knee jerk reaction and lack of focus....


          they didn't take the time to think what should we change and why they just went lets change this so that we've changed something

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            Re: Arena-style gameplay

            I haven't played this on next gen. Maybe these issues will be less noticeable there

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              Re: Arena-style gameplay

              I respect your view but fail to see the "arena" gameplay your referring to. And how CoD4 to BO had that, but BO2 and Ghosts doesn't? There is no question the maps are bigger and at times M.C. Esherish. But I embrace the difference. They have a CoD4 feel when urban, and a WaW feel when rural.


              As far as spawns, I truly don't see any difference from any other CoD. Don't get me wrong, Ghosts spawns are still screwy on some maps, but no more screwy than seeing players spawn in front of my face in all the other titles.


              Through many of the threads I've read, I sometimes think the players perspectives and memories are changing more than the game at times.

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                Re: Arena-style gameplay

                The Spawns can definitely still be improved.


                But "Arena"?


                These maps are nowhere near as big as people are making them out to be. If you play them right, you can control the flow of the action.

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                  Re: Arena-style gameplay

                  Great post man! Sadly, a lot of people don't seem to get the "arena" map concept....IN CASE ANYONE DOES NOT KNOW an ARENA MAP layout puts team vs team on clearly defined sides of the field with passages and lines of sight weaving between the main lines of fire. These maps are the exception in IW games, and the rule in Treyarch games.

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                    Re: Arena-style gameplay

                    I agree the major killer in this game is it's no longer arena/symmetrical map styles. I have feeling these maps were designed for 9v9 games on next gen.

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