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    Hardcore clans?

      Does this kinda of thing even exist? Also... what with these clan leaders that come on invite people and 2/3 of them don't have mics? The hell is the point in running with a clan if there is no comms? Anyways... Still looking for a decent clan on psn for BO2. I only play hardcore unless it's league play.

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          Re: Hardcore clans?

          Whats up  I play mostly hardcore my psn is brooklyn_lord, my k/d is 2.88 and my w/l is 15.00 and I'm starting a clan on Black Ops 2 which is named GFz: God Forgivez We Dont, everyone is accepted just as long as u can follow orders when we play real matches, mic is a plus, no k/d requirements, in order to be a captain 1.50 kd higher if u want a better position. Once again everyone is accepted

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