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        10. Re: so what are player numbers like?

        Be great if you could take those numbers at 8:30 am your time. Just thinking with the PS4 - Japan can skew the results as they only have the playstation,, and I would guess they would be early adopters. Only a thought.


        Note: When I play in the evenings the X1 numbers can get down as low as 5500. Living in Australia, I would expect to play in the low ebb.

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          11. Re: so what are player numbers like?

          Hey Gallp - Have you noticed better latency using the X1. I didn't play Ghosts on the 360. But, compared to playing BO2 and MW3, my experience is a happier one so far (knock on wood)

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            12. Re: so what are player numbers like?

            I think it is important to note that there is so much demand for different games at the moment. The next-gens have come to town with tried and true games such as Cod,, but also new favorites like Ryse. A lot of gamers would be sharing their time between games. Unlike, say when BO2 hit,, cod gamers would just gorge themselves on the one game.

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              13. Re: so what are player numbers like?

              Ghosts was not even close to a billion in sales. THey shipped a billion dollars worth of COD lego sets, games, headsets, t shirts and merchandise to stores. The sales are likely about half of what BO2 did. Judging by player counts, it might even be lower than that. Don't forget to add in the average 5000 players per night on the PC....Yes, its that bad.

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                14. Re: so what are player numbers like?

                ps4s are sold out till next year in australia, i had to buy a xbone -______-

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                  15. Re: so what are player numbers like?

                  **NEW numbers**


                  Sony has higher numbers on current-gen AND next-gen this time around.


                  Even though I don't play TDM very often, I decided to include the numbers for it this time around because it's so popular.




                  Numbers represent, Thursday, 8:30am PST, on Dec. 5th, 2013)


                                           PS4           XBone             PS3          XBox360


                  Total Players: 17,576          10,472          143,934          118,562

                  Cranked:            483               253             5,511              5,392

                  Blitz:                  299              160              3,592             3,520

                  KC:                   963               444              7,178             6,700

                  Dom:               2,411           1,317            24,128           17,874

                  FFA                  902               444               4,628            3,082

                  TDM               6,265             3,398           45,759            33,037

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                    16. Re: so what are player numbers like?

                    I have seen it at around 18-25 k on most nights on the X1. Far less than I expected. I am not going to say this game tanked in sales, but it did not come even close to there expectations and the fact that I see it on sale for $39.99 in a few different places only 1 month after launch tells me this game flopped.


                    This was a launch title for the new consoles. I don't know how activision put out a game that is this horribly bad . It seems like they take a step back more and more each year and give the community the exact opposite of what they want. or should have when it comes to a good FPS.

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                      17. Re: so what are player numbers like?

                      Current gen is expected. No fee for MP! I came from PS3 to one on Sunday. I'm in Chicago in the US and the numbers for say TDM are 6k to 8k when I've been playing this week. Domination is 2k to maybe 3.5k. Not many at all on next gen but since I went from Sony to xbox, I don't feel like switching between old and new right now.

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                        18. Re: so what are player numbers like?

                        I've noticed the same thing Falcon. Much, much better!

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                          19. Re: so what are player numbers like?

                          r8edtripx wrote:


                          I think the numbers are fun to look at, but the numbers will have exponentially more weight as we get closer to the holidays. I'm definitely curious.

                          Not the best numbers they've had at this point after release and before the holidays.


                          I agree that it might increase after the holidays, but not exponentially. 

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