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    "Groundwar" in Private Match (W/ Gameplay)

      Here is some "Groundwar" gameplay in a Private match my friends and I setup. It is a mix of bots and actual players.


      (Music was added due to gameplay sound not recording)

      *There may be some rubber-banding lag, but that was host and network related.


      The main reason I'm posting this is because there is very little to no FPS drop compared to regular gamemodes and we want groundwar. Results:

      • Infected feels really smooth with 18 players. (It is the least laggiest gamemode in normal playlists as well)
      • Rest of the gamemodes on large maps have little FPS drop, with 9v9, but it is still playable.

      What I was thinking could be done to get Groundwar is:

      • Make Groundwar 8v8 [16] (like it was pre-Hotfix on BO2 last year)
      • Infected could be increased to 18 (or 16) due to very minimal to no drops in FPS.



      Further optimization in patches could increase the performance and make this possible.



      Leave thoughts/opinions below.

      Also, some feedback from A_Trey_U would be nice.