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    LF good PS3 clan

      I am looking for a good clan that is getting ready for clan wars. I am a skilled player looking for a clan that wants to be very high ranked in clan wars. Clan K/D should not be under 1.5

      My stats are as following:

      K/D: 2.04

      W/L: 2.40


      Add DakYolo95 or post on this thread and we can set up a time to play!

      Thx all!!!

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          Re: LF good PS3 clan

          2G4U is a recruiting clan

          Some info about the clan.

          • All members have over a 1.50 KD
          • We have 40+ members, and still counting
          • We love to dominate lobbies.
          • Clan KD is well over 1.50
          • We're one helluva laid back clan.

          Here's our requirements for players:

          • Must have over 2.00 KD (1.80 Max)
          • Must have mic and use it
          • Must be at least 18 years of age
          • Must play as a team
          • Able to communicate well with the team
          • Has to compete in clan wars


          2G4U is always looking for beast players on PS3. If you're interested. Add me or message me (PSN: iRoyaL-xD) Have fun

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            Re: LF good PS3 clan

            on the app apply to xNight_V3ng3anc3


            on cod elite apply: xNight_Assaultx is a recruiting clan.

            Here is a few things about us:

            • We love to have fun.
            • We are competitive
            • We play BO2 and Ghosts.
            • We play almost any game mode multiplayer.

            We do have a few requirements:

            • Must have a K/D of 0.80 or more.
            • Must be active..or a good player
            • Must participate in clan challenges.
            • Mics are optional.
            • Put your PSN below


            If you want to apply here is the link: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/12197590

            If not I understand no harm done.

            Also please add me on psn MachinegunLEGEND

            Remember we are new first 10 members will be promoted

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              Re: LF good PS3 clan

              Hey Dak, you should take a look at MYO. we are a large clan with over 80 ACTIVE players, almost all of which are on ps3/ps4. We are still looking for more members to be ready for clan wars tomorrow, as we currently have 6 squads of players.

              You meet our k/d requirement, so as long as you're over 16 years old you should definitely check us out.



              Good luck with the clan hunt!


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