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    So, I played some HC Dom....

      ...and I must say, that as it was the first time I had played multiplayer since launch day, I was pleasently surprised with how much different the game played. Yeah there was still the crappy deaths and a multitude of IMS, it seemed to be a lot faster than before. There were still a lot of players camping, especially on the bigger maps like Stonehaven, but to be honest they were really no threat, because that's all they did. No attempt at playing the objective and when they died, they somehow just wanted to get back to their camping position. This was too easy..it was like cap two flags then hunt he camp spots. It was better on the bigger maps, but still a lot of players using the sniper rifle, fortunately for me, they weren't that good. I only played a couple of hours, but actually really enjoyed myself.  I would like to finish off by saying, I don't think it is the game that is that bad now, but some players really need to put in some effort.