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    Squad themes

      I love the new idea of squads and designing your own little attack pattern. Given the fact that they can be given specific roles with names it brings to question guys, what have you done with your squad in terms of themes. Mine squad theme was based around Band of brothers so I named my squad members after some real heroes.


      Squad-mate 1 (Captain **** Winters) - Winters- Assault

      Squad-mate 2 (Shifty Powers) - Shifty- Sniper/Marksman

      Squad-mate 3 (Bill Guarnere) - Guarnere- Sub Machine Gunner

      Squad-mate 4 (Babe Heffron) - Babe- Heavy Machine Gun


      I still need to finish up but any ideas will help

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          Mines are all named after characters from The Simpsons, incuding Dr Nick. It's all a bit of fun after all

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            I also like the whole squads concept, one of the things IW definitely got right with this CoD. I'm a big Hunter S. Thompson fan so mine are all named after characters from HST's books. (My gamer tag is RaoulNuke a la Raoul Duke from Fear & Loathing).


            My guys are:


            Raoul Duke: All around set up. A knife only class, a couple SMG set-ups, an assault class, marksman class, and a sniper class


            Paul Kemp (from Rum Diary): This is my stealth squad member. Silenced weapons, stealthy perks, etc.


            Dr. Thompson: Just unlocked this guy, thinking about making him a long range squad member: ARs, Marksmans, Snipers.


            Once I unlock more members I'm thinking about making it:


            1) All around setup: smgs, ars, snipers, shottys, everything in one member

            2) knife only variations

            3) smg/run&gun setup

            4) stealth setup: ars and smgs

            5) assault variations maybe a couple marksman rifles


            Then ill probably do a couple by game mode: dom squad member, hardcore member, blitz member, so on

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              Named mine after some fictional bad mothers. Marsellus wallace, vincent vega, django, captain price, leatherface but cant remember th other one lmao

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                Mine was named for some of the old alliance for the Northmen in the Game of Thrones- geeks out there might get it.  Asha Greyjoy was my girlie because she is a tough mother$%@&%$, Greatjon, Stark (not sure which), Bolton just because he is a cruel sick bastard, Lord Beric and a couple of other colorful characters.  Hated the game but had fun with the Squad stuff. 

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                  My first soldier is named after me

                  2nd soldier named after my pet

                  3rd soldier named after my other pet

                  4th soldier is named Rambo

                  5th soldier is named Tupac Shakur

                  6th soldier is named eminem.

                  7th soldier is named Corey Haim

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                    Mine are named after MW2 TF141 soldiers along with my Online Handle


                    Archer & Toad (Snipers from MW2)








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                      Squad name. The Noobs

                      Thing 1

                      Thing 2

                      Thing 3

                      Thing 4

                      Thing 5

                      Thing 6

                      wanted people to have fun when they went against my squad.

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                        My first squad memeber is basically a sniper so I've named him after Zer0 from BL2.  I'll be picking a favourite character from a particular game that matches their style.