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    Exploit/Bug report: going prone / sniper rifle guaranteed miss

      Exploit report (could be a bug):

      when a player goes prone, enemy's bullets will not hit (at least true for sniper rifles, the only weapon I'm using now). Some experienced players use this to their advantage: they go prone when fighting at close distance, as a result, sniper rifle bullets always miss.


      The problem:

      when you go prone, enemy still sees you as standing, and thus they shoot you while you are standing. But this bullet never hits, as you're already prone. The game draws a bullet for the shooter as if its flying through you, and you see a bullet flying above you.


      Maps, game modes this happens in:

      every map, every game mode.


      Times this happened: numerous times, every time I play with an experienced player. They go prone when they see me up close, and I always miss. I started playing "core" modes, as opposed to hardcore, and noticed when this happens they simply go prone, each time.

      Possible causes of the problem:

      - painfully slow network connection to host, plus host advantage (host-side hit register, probably)

      - experienced players know of this exploit and are using it heavily to gain an advantage


      Solutions for this exploit:

      - make a player be unable to shoot when they go prone for a small period of time (how do you use both hands to shoot a gun while going prone from standing position, while maintaining high precision?)

      - make sniper rifles hit more often, as they have insanely small hit box

      - make players that go prone able to get hit during the procedure and a small time afterwards, currently they go prone into the future, so its impossible to hit them

      - limit max ping to 150 when picking players to match, 100 is barely playable, 150 is nearly unplayable


      Hope this helps!


      PS: there's something wrong with shotguns and marksman rifles... they're not limited to amount of shots per second, same as in previous games in series, this leads to another exploit - if you can press the button real fast (or use a script, any gaming mouse has scripting software), you can make many shots per second, many more than you would expect from a single-shot gun (higher fire rate than some ARs), the only fix to this is limiting the amount of bullets single-shot weapons can shoot per second. Its simple, its effective, it has been added in Modern Warfare 2 as a patch. But I haven't fully explored this yet, busy with chrome barrel operation.