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    Squad setup

      How did you setup you squad?


      I first leveld my main member up for a bit and than got more members so that I knew what members I had.

      Got main AR squadmember lvl 23

      stealth AR lvl 5

      LMG lvl 11

      Run AR lvl 5

      SMG lvl 5

      Sniper/marksman rifle lvl 4


      So far it works quite good in squad vs squad. Got 20+ games with a win loss of 3.00+ played some games and won but not added yet.


      And maybe somebody knows. When enemy forfeits. (happens a lot) does is count as win of not at all?

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          Re: Squad setup

          I've got about 200 squad games played and here's my advice. First off, it doesn't really matter what level your bots are, but what you have them equipped with and how YOU play. I've noticed that if you run all over the place and die a lot, your squadmates will to. If you take it nice and easy, (Not Camp) and slowly advance, the bots seem to follow your lead unless you have your whole team set up as heavy gunners or snipers. My advice to you is to give maybe one an smg rushing setup and play the rest with assault setups, maybe one lmg. Pick your loadouts as if you are choosing your own to equip them with. Spend your squad points wisely as they are hard to accumulate. Hope this helps.

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              Re: Squad setup

              Oh yeah, when an enemy forfeits, or you have a draw, you get a win.

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                Re: Squad setup

                Tru to get those 6 members equally up. And within a member different set ups.

                I noticed that when I play carefull my bots also do better. It's also nice that when you're agressive in domination in capping your bots will try to cap faster.


                sniper teams are easy. Got a tdm match on stonehaven against a sniperteam. I was using my lmg member. That game was easy mode.

                Still looking for the right setup for each member.
                The smg is a runner. For when I play dom in mp. Wanting to know what kind of members other people use.

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