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    Extreme lag problems on my Desktop but none on my Laptop!?

      I recently bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. After playing online for a couple of minutes I started to experience major lag spikes. After I found out that my NAT-Type was on moderate, I started port-forwarding and it became open but the lag spikes are still there. I have never experienced this with any other game I have.

      Is there any way for me to fix these major lag spikes? Because they make the game unplayable.


      Looking forward to some good answers so I can enjoy the game!



      I always connect to games with <75MS ping so this should be fine.

      I have also uninstalled and installed the game again, this didn't work either.


      Another edit...:

      Here is a speccy of my Desktop PC:



      I managed to install and play the game properly on my laptop which is just a pentium 4 dual core 3GB DDR3 machine.

      So the lags have nothing to do with the set-up on which i am playing on.

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