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    [PS3] [USA] clan recruiting for Ghosts members across platforms and locations!!



      We are recruiting for Call of Duty: Ghosts Gamers!


      Platforms and locations:


      Who are we?

      We are a small clan with 6 members currently and we are looking to expand our size, the more, the merrier! We ranked 1st place in the Las Vegas clan war in the Silver Division and we currently hold 1st place in the Oahu Clan War in the Gold Division. We do not usually participate in Clan vs. Clan matches, just because it is hard to get enough people online at the same time due to busy schedules, but if it is possible, we would like to participate in the future.

      Who are we looking for?

      We are looking for members who are interested in participating in Clan Wars and Online Multiplayer matches. We need a variety of people who are great at all game types. Do not worry about your stats, We are just playing for fun!



      The only requirement we ask is that you are a mature gamer. Don't worry, this is not an age requirement, this just means that we are looking for members who play with respect to those inside and outside the clan.

      How to Join:

      If you are interested, join us today! Find us in the Call of Duty app and apply, or shoot me a message with your COD account name and I can send you a clan invite which you will be able to accept in your Barracks under Clan Invites!


      Hope to see you in game!


      TornSouls13 (Commander)

      xAlucardx657 (Lieutenant Commander)