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    A Few Questions About Some Old Favorites


      So got a bit of play time in this weekend, and I have to say I am really enjoying this game. I equipped Dead Silence and Sit Rep (Thanks to those who pointed out I could unlock them and not wait until the Level Cap), and it really made a difference in my game. I am a tactical mover so the ability to scoot around the board without worrying about sitters waiting for my clomping footsteps really does make a difference. The ability to see all the accoutrements campers use (IEDs, Motion Sensors, etc) really came in handy when planning my routes and helped me avoid several unnecessary deaths.


      Those IEDs, IMSes and such got me thinking... however. What happened to the EMP grenade in this game? That was my favorite piece of kit in the past few games (our love affair started in MW3 and really heated up in BO2), but is conspicuously absent in this game. The IEDs, even without SitRep, are quite easy to spot, however not as easily taken out, especially if a skilled user has planted them. The EMP grenade, thus, would truly come in handy. Now the 9 Bang (Which I am now seeing on the side) promises an EMP-like effect when fully charged, but I haven't really seen that in action yet.


      So my question is.. am I the only one missing the EMP? Was it needed in this game? Or are the IEDs and such so easy to spot and take out that it would be an unnecessary addition?


      My other question is about my all-time favorite weapon in the COD series... my beloved .44 Magnum (AKA Python).  It was truly heartbreaking in BO2 when they put that silly "shotgun pistol" in its place, and was very excited to see it make its glorious return in Ghosts. As soon as I could, I equipped it on all of my classes. To my Great Chagrin, however... it sucks. I found myself lining up perfect shots, only to miss horribly, or taking point blank shots at people's chests and getting nothing but a face full of lead in return. I swapped it out for the M9 with Muzzle Brake and that thing is a killing machine.


      So I ask you, fellow forumites.... Is the Magnum .44 as bad as it has seemed thus far to me? Or is it me in this case? Has anyone else struggled with it? For those having success with it.. what has worked? Should I try it again with a certain attachment, perhaps the aforementioned Muzzle Brake? Any input would be appreciated. Those who simply want to tell me that "I Suck" can use the side door exits.


      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these two longtime favorites of mine.

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          I always ran with an EMP grenade in MW3 and Black Ops 2, I miss them. I have used a 9 bang, but I'm not convinced it's as good as a dedicated EMP grenade, you have to hold it for a while, which in this game is a while too long.

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            Can confirm, the .44 Magnum sucks. Trigger Cap is far too long and it's extremely inaccurate. I've switched to a P226, it's a 2-shot at close range.

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              I think the reason the EMP isn't in Ghosts is simply due to the fact that the Sentry Gun was changed. It being on a set timer means smart players will just wait it out.


              As for the Magnum: Yeah, I don't really like it either. I was using it for my Sniper loadout whenever I needed to move, but it was simply not as good as my P226 with a Silencer. The fire rate is way, way lower and the severe amount of kick made it hard to be accurate.

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                Im personally quite happy at the lack of EMP spam.I do see your point though,it would be nice to be able to carry one on here to throw into a KD nest.



                I have found the best way to use the magnum is to be really disciplined on the trigger and use slowly,or akimbo.Bear in mind I play alot of HC and its great fun in there.



                Wish there was a Deagle and pissed there is not.

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                    I was thinking about the EMP as I was playing and how nice it would be to have them.. but as I continued I realized a few things as well. First of all, most people who use IEDs(not intending to insult anyone who reads this, just noting my observations from my playtime), don't know how to use them effectively. They throw them down in doorways or wide open spaces. Makes it ridiculously easy to take them out of the equation (The dumber ones camp next to their IEDs, so you get an often hilarious kill as a result). More skilled players place them in tricky spots. For example on Whiteout... saw an IED on the second level of one of the houses in the fishing village. I went up the stairs only to find it wasn't ON the second level.. but on the wall above the stairs. BAM! Dead. So smart players can still get kills, even on players with Sit-Rep.  Otherwise, they are pretty easy to take out, even through walls in several cases. My favorite, of course, is when you blow one up and just sit there and wait for the guy who planted it to come creeping out to see what happened to his precious IED.


                    To be honest, I have very little respect for players who equip them in Non-Objective modes. Get your own kills. I think too many are using them as a crutch rather than actually thinking about what they are doing. I will never, ever equip them on principle alone, unless I am playing an Objective Mode and my teammates ask me to do so.


                    I will go back to trying the Magnum at some point. I had really gotten quite good with them in the past and was just flustered at how ineffective it seemed in this game. As for Akimbo... never in a thousand years. Just not a fan.