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    I made some fixes... stuttering almost over.


      I'm one of those suffering severe cases of stuttering at the start of matches (usually till my first death). I knew that not was a Graphic Card problem ...

      My PC it's at medium point between minimum and recomended requirements... but my I5-760 was usually at 70ºC (160ºF yes, its insane I know it) and my game HD was a normal 500Gb disc.

      My first choice to try to fix something was to add a 120GB SSD with a good read/write speed. Then I moved the game there and test.

      Results: Stuttering' reduction and one map without it... Sovereign ( I think it's the one with the simplest textures).

      It was an improvement.

      Then I made some improvements to the cooling of the processor (new cooler&redirecting airflow). Now my I5-760 runs at 35º-40ºC (95º-104ºF).

      Results: stuttering almost completely disappeared (rarely, 3-5 secs at some match start ).

      Of course, this it's not a permanent solution, IW MUST fix all of this issues (I usually play BO2 1080p with this PC).

      But I'm suspecting there is a problem with process activity (the fact that we have to down the priority to make the game run, is a clue), that make some temperature problem in non-highest processors. Then, stuttering is a manifestation of that temperature rise; and when all data management is done, temperature down, and stuttering disapears... I guess...

      (p.d. If there is something wrong...sorry about my english...