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        Right now it might just be a numbers game. Lag is worse for me now, but that's mainly because I keep getting tossed into lobbies with French, Puerto Rico, Mexican, German, Australian, Holland, and British players. Cool dudes, but the connection is atrocious. Hopefully with Christmas noobs coming, our numbers will increase to where I won't need a passport or Rosetta Stone to play this game. Keep me in the States even if I have to wait 10 minutes to get into a match!!!


        My guess if dedicated servers aren't here by Christmas, they won't happen. What's the point if it's after that? Piss off more people to where they don't play/don't buy? Now that's a smart business model

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          I tried using some marksman rifles today. I don't know whether it's the 2nd or the 10th bullet killing the man. The lag is like 600ms all the time.

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            Last night was the worst I've ever seen lag. I'm not the best player on the planet, but I can do very well and I'm a smart player. I was going 1-15, 2-18 for 10 matches straight. So much lag it was unplayable.


            I love the fact that we have wiimote plus gamepad split screen options...but online all it does is drag the game down. If someone comes in that is split screening I have to leave because they are adding so much lag to the game it's ridiculous. It was the same thing in BO2 and Zombies...kinda wish we didn't have that.

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              M4GNUM wrote:


              Now that's a smart business model

              They think they're being smart by saying nothing. They know people will keep playing or buy the game through their addiction. And yes last night was a joke for us too, britts and Americans. This game just sucks, I'm staying away from it until the patch comes. If nothing important is fixed I think I'll take the game back, protest like heck and stand outside the shop if I have to and make a big fuss if I don't get a refund..

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                After having read through a lot of this thread (although, admittedly, not all) I can see a lot of people that are frustrated with the lag. And rightfully so. I'm frustrated with the lag also.


                The game needs better matchmaking. Right now, it's matching you up with international players and there's no way to restrict searching for local games only. What's baffling is that this option existed in Black Ops 2!  I do not understand why they took away this functionality, but I can only assume they had a good reason for doing so (as difficult as that is to believe). 


                Either way, there's also a lot of people blaming lag for their poor performance. This is true to an extent. The fact is, you won't do as well with lag. But to say it's impossible to do well is false.

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                  IW just keeps taking steps backwards.............. Can't even mute a specific person mid game. :/

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                    im wondering if they pulled the ability to search on best, in-game connection shown with bars, and theater all so we cant see how terribly the game runs except in game...

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                      To be fair, a fix is coming for that, but it really should've been there from the beginning...

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                        I think the matchmaking is configured in such a way as to be optimal with the presence of dedicated servers. The problem is, we don't have dedicated servers yet and that's why the matchmaking fails at the moment. In other words, when dedicated servers come on I'm expecting a lot of the lag problems to be resolved, at least for North Americans. Whether that will be true for other parts of the world remains to be seen.


                        Or, I could be completely wrong and matchmaking is just fail.

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                          Dedicated servers? I'll believe that when it comes. And if it only benefits North Americans then that gives me greater grounds to take this game back, as we have a clause here which we can say and the shops can't refuse when its used..

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