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    Inconsistent performance.

      Like the title says, I'm having a problem with inconsistent performance on my end. I mean my playing performance. It just doesn't make any sense.


      I know I'm an above average player, in BO2 my K/D in matches was typically 2.0 or higher (although my overall K/D sat at 1.43, still not bad at all but i share an account with my younger brother who is absolutely terrible at CoD). My current K/D in Ghosts is a little over 1.21. I wasn't very good at first because i was playing it like I had been playing BO2, rushing headfirst into enemies and relying purely on reflexes and precision to win gunfights, but I realized that Ghosts is a much slower paced game, you die much quicker, and overall you need to be more tactical to survive and do well.


      So i did just that, I adapted, i understand the way this game is meant to be played now and yet, my performance is still extremely inconsistent.


      Today i played a session of Ghosts, about 5 hours starting at around 3:00pm EST. I was doing extremely well, all of my tactics were working like they should, I wasn't dying in any BS ways, the game was extremely fun. I had a match today where I went 42-1 on Strikezone playing Dom. Now keep that in mind.


      Suddenly it hits around 6:00pm and i notice that I am suddenly not only not doing as well as I was before, but I'm literally struggling just to NOT go negative. Like absolutely trying my hardest to not get a negative K/D when I had gone 42-1 easily just a few games earlier. Suddenly I'm losing gunfights that I have the advantage in every single way, and worst of all, I'm put on entire teams of players that absolutely suck. At the end of matches, my teammates would have scores like 3-29, 6-33, and EVERYONE on the enemy team would have 20, 30, even 40+ kills with single digit deaths.


      What makes this the most confusing is that I go these long stretches of time where I do very, very well, and then one game later and i begin another long stretch of time where i am absolutely garbage at the game and i can't recover from it. It's so frustrating because I absolutely cannot tell if I'm getting better at the game, or just getting really lucky/unlucky.


      Sorry this was so long, does this happen to anyone else? I'm still enjoying the game mind you, I don't mind going negative, I'm not one to get angry at video games, but the fact that this happens at all just puzzles me to no end and I had to see if others have similar experiences.

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          It could be a matter of when you were doing good, the players you were going against weren't as good. Then when more good players got on, they happened to be better. It could be a number of different things. I know I absolutely suck, as the best I've done was 13 kills and 13 deaths a single game in Free For All. Just an idea on what could be causing it.

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              I get what you're saying. My guess has been it's my internet. My wifi is absolutely abysmal, during the day when most people are at work/school my internet speed is much, much better, but after rush hour when everyone is back home it turns to garbage. Thing is, I got so used to the way the BO2 handled bad connections, where it would essentially level the playing field for everyone, IW games don't do that. Best connection always does better, I just didn't imagine it would impact my performance THIS drastically. If that is the reason, mind you.

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              Do you get put against parties a lot? That happens to me a lot when I play solo.

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                     It most likely is your connection. For me, this is the most consistent CoD since MW3, and I had like a 2.6 K/D in that game with over 230,000 kills and 5000+ wins.


                     I'm really enjoying it.

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                  Definitely feeling this post aha, this game can really mess you up with spawns sometimes though, i was on freight the other day, somehow managed to get 1 kill 12 deaths, then managed to get a 12 killstreak due to a spawn switch, anyone who plays domination, and i mean anyone (no matter how good) can be owned due to a nooby team mate triple capping and switching the spawns up.

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                      Bro you think the spawns are bad on Dom when a team is triple capping? Play FFA. I'm not one to complain usually, but those spawns are just abysmal. Just yesterday I started a game, and right when the countdown finished a dude freaking appeared inches from me with his back turned and I got a quick knife on him. I killed him literally less than one second into the match. This was on Sovereign. I'm glad I was on the good end of that, but still lmao

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                      you are not the only one .i go solo get cut to pisses .what i do now run with a team mate. back him up and he will do the same .ghosts is very difficult going solo ive found .you are in a team so try to work as a team (dose that make sense) ?  

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                        I have the same problem. It is a combination of the kiddies on the east coast coming home from school and the increased network traffic as described above.

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                          You're definitely not alone, friend. Personally, for me, this has been a problem since MW3. I'm, what most would consider, an above average gamer (usually have about a 2.0 - 2.3 K/D in most shooters, even non-CoD) but some games of CoD I do amazing and then I turn around and go negative. And half the time it's against the exact same lobby of players is what I don't understand. This usually doesn't happen in other shooters unless I get thrown against some top-notch players or team. Not meaning to "toot my own horn", but yeah. It's confusing.


                          Although I do admit that it seems to be more of a problem for me in Ghosts than the past ones. I chalk some of it due to the sometimes iffy spawns, though.

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                            Well first of all, thank you for actually giving genuine responses. I one hundred percent expected a ton of troll comments like "U JUST SUK AT DA GAME N00B".


                            But yeah, glad to see I'm not the only one who experiences this. It's just so strange that I have the ability to do so well consistently, and literally over the course of a single game i'll begin doing consistently atrocious lol. Like I said, stats don't mean much to me, I play these games for fun, but I do enjoy getting better at them and this sort of hinders my ability to tell if I'm actually improving or not. Very weird.

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                                I am a real bad player. It took me almost a year in  BO2 to get more positive games than negatives. I went back to MW3 just before ghosts release to 'warm up' a little. To my surprise after just a few days i did good (by my standards) in MW3.


                                With Ghosts i also observe these consistency issues. While parameters (players, time, internet connection) do not change, I go from postive K/D, with a fun experience, bullets connecting and killing, to a disasterdous experience the very next game (single digit : high 40s). Absolutely no explanation. shooting marsh mellows, either just hitmarkers, or not even those. magzine emptied into the back of a guy max 5 meters away, cannot miss all. NO reaction whatsoever. Character turns around and I drop instantly.

                                No change in internet connection, wired, no other user on my line.


                                Not just one time experiense, but persistant.

                                What to do?

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                                Yeah, why would you expect to do exactly the same from game to game? It's not surprising sometimes you get a beating, sometimes you dish out a beating. Sometimes u play people better than you, other time there easy kills

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                                    I don't expect to have the same performance game to game, my issue is the VAST difference in it. Typically with players of a very high skill level, they'll almost never go negative. On some off days, they'll have some negative games but it's usually just a couple more deaths compared to kills. My problem is that I can go over the course of two games, first one i go 42-1 like i said before, and the next game with all of the same people I'll go something like 10-25. That's the kind of inconsistency I'm talking about.


                                    Like, I can go back to BO2, and i rarely if ever go negative these days, at the lowest I'll go even, but I always perform to a certain standard that I would expect from my skill level, even taking my off days into account.


                                    Weird thing is, I only seem to have these playing performance spikes in IW games. In the Treyarch games my scores have always been consistent, WaW, BO, and BO2, and even the early CoD's, 1, 2 and UO since there weren't streaks/perks etc and it was all skill based. I think it's the way IW games handle lag but also that, starting with MW2, IW has almost completely lost the ability to balance their games. MW3 especially, I go into a game and start to finish i have missiles raining on me from the sky lmao. Though I won't deny, Ghosts is by far the most balanced IW game since CoD4, so in this case it must be my internet coupled with the flow of traffic at different times of the day.

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                                    I too have this exact problem. In the daytime I usually do poorly most of the time but when night comes my performance. increases. In the past CoD games I never actually worried about K/D but since I joined a clan in ghost, I decided to try to increase mines to keep up with the others

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                                        I've never been one to worry about stats either. I mean I don't "worry" about them, even if I had a K/D under 1.0 I wouldn't care at all. It's just the fact that I KNOW what my skill level is and how I should typically perform, so i became curious when I start having these huge spikes of god-like to abysmal scores. lol