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    Random Questions 3: Can You Spare an NHL Team?

      Continuing with the hard sports questions theme, we now move to hockey, more specifically the NHL. Those versed in the history of the NHL will recall a franchise called the Quebec Nordiques. Ever since the team moved to Denver in 1995 and became the Colorado Avalanche, the good people of Quebec City have wanted an NHL franchise back in town.


      Here's were the scenario comes in. You are the head of an investor group who has an interest in procuring an NHL team and basing it in Quebec City. You have spoken with Commissioner Bettman and the other relevant NHL bigwigs and they are open to a team returning to Quebec City if you address the problems the old Quebec Nordiques faced.


      So given that you have the money, the investors, and the political backing, how would you go about bringing the NHL back to Quebec City? Will you convince the Commish that expansion is the way to go or is there a team out there that you think is a prime target for a move. The most thorough, comprehensive, and realistic answers will get the points on this one. The best answer marked correct, two runners up marked helpful. Do your research and don't over look critical issues.


      Note that there will be a new stadium built and ready for an NHL team at the start of the 2015 season, so plan your solution accordingly. New Quebec City Amphitheatre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Also note that you may have a potential powerful ally in the form of Quebecor Inc. who have recently bought the naming rights to the new stadium. Quebecor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia