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    Some tips for rushing...

      I made a post about a week ago on some general tips to do better and now i want to offer you guys some tips that helps me with rushing a lot. As I'm sure some of you know rushing is very difficult in this game and you need to always be prepared for gun fights. I have two tips that if you use in game you will see results.


      1. Don't sprint as much as you used to. Every 3 or 4 seconds i want you guys to ads. It is hard to remember if you're used to running around a lot and just reacting in a gunfight but with the high bullet damage you aren't going to win those gunfights as much when you're caught off guard. This game is far less forgiving and you need to always be prepared. So try to count in your head, 1..2..3... and then ads for whatever might come and off coarse continue to ads around corners and down major lines of sight.


      2. This tip is for when you win a gunfight. I'm sure most of you do what i do. You get a kill or double and you're happy with your self. Then you sprint to your next destination, but there just so happens to be a second or third enemy there waiting to kill the guy who wrecked his teammate. My tip is everytime you win a close quarters gun fight, stay ads for 3 or 4 seconds. You'll find yourself more prepared for whatever other enemy might be waiting for you and it will get you a lot more kills.


      Now the times i set for ads can be adjusted a little but you get the idea. These tips will get you well prepared for potential gunfights and I''m sure you guys will see results. If you guys have anything to add then by all means share. Good Luck

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          Re: Some tips for rushing...

          Another tip: don't reload after every kill straight away, wait until you know you're safe. Sometimes, you'll encounter two or three enemies coming at you, so there's no point reloading unless you're absolutely desperate for a new mag.

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            Re: Some tips for rushing...

            Thanks, Im always going negative because of those extra two or three guys, or not being prepared when I go around corners or running around. Im going to try this out thanks man!

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              Re: Some tips for rushing...

              i've noticed more groups in this game. i habitually hit reload after each kill. this makes me dead often. i gotta stop doing that. it's hard 'cause i use a pistol a lot.


              also.. my glass has no primary gun, so i get killed a lot while reloading the gun i just picked up. i swear that the enemy will reload, then i kill him.. then i have to reload again.


              anyway.. point is to definitely stay ADS for a bit, or at least no reload. LOTS of peeps running in pairs/groups.

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