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    clan wars explained?


      can someone please explain the whole clan wars scoring system? my clan took a point away from another clan and now it says we still need to win more games to capture it?

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          I can't wrap my head around this yet, I do have wins that aren't showing up (I expect update delays) BUT when I look at the nodes which aren't captured it says 15 wins (I assume to capture) and yet there is a node captured for 12 wins.


          I don't get it.




          It gets stranger, the scoreboard reports that the clan who won the first node has scored 0 and the clan in first place has no nodes.
          We are in one division in the clan war map and another on the clan war summary.

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            Im with the rest of these guys. I dont know if I go into Clan-V-Clan or just regular HCTDM  4 players or 6 we have about 30 so hows that gonna work when we are all on? Just need a heads up. Our community likes to take part in this.

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              Not sure if you figured this out or not.  Its been out awhile.


              In Clan Wars, if a node is held by a clan and for instance they have 15 wins.  If your clan wins, depending on how many people are playing for your clan in that game mode, you will take them down that many wins.  You have to bring the occupying clan down to 0 before you can get your wins to count towards the occupation. 

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                I Left my none active clan to join a better clans offer. It is during clan war When I did this. But it's seems none of my wins r counting towards our captures since n this new clan. Plz help. I was invited for this soul purpose. Must pull my weight.

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                  to gain control of a node that is being held, you need to win X amount of games to take down the defenses of the held node (X being the number it shows next to the top ranking clan that holds the node). you then unlock the node and need to win X number of games to secure the node(X being the amount of games needed to capture).