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      will clan wars only be in noob mode / softcore. or will we  HC players also have clanwars ???

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          There is an Q&A topic in general information forum. I think you best ask it there and they will hopefully give you an answer.

          I do hope it gets HC as well or else i'm not going to play it...

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            I wouldn't bother mate, the first game we played we went up against a clan using hacks. They aimbotted and wallhacked through the entire match.

            This game is a complete joke without anti cheat or theatre mode

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                Report them and leave the lobby.

                I've logged a lot of hours playing and I've only run into a couple of games where it appears players were hacking.  One of those we still won the objective.


                Each CLAN WAR has 10 points to capture

                Each point is tied to a game mode

                The current clan war has THREE Hardcore game modes included

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                Every Clan War is 10 objectives to capture.   Each objective is a different game mode.   In our war, 3 of the objectives are HC TDM, HC KC, and HC S&R.   We play mostly hardcore, so we focused on those areas and are in the lead in our war.

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                    Well we can not Name and shame on here or post videos

                    so If they don't want us to then they need to sort out the Hackers and the game

                    Clearly there getting away with Hacking I have not see a single vac ban made against any ghost player

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                      Not sure why this is still marked as unanswered.  There are 10 nodes/game modes available per clan war and most likely there 2 or 3 of those will always be one of the Hardcore game modes.  Thus, the answer to your question is that it is both.

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                        Hey B4DAZZ_DK,


                        Thanks for posting your concern here. It is as Poppa09 and LifeSong1 said, there is a mixture of both types of game modes. You can find more information on Clan Wars here Clan Wars Info.




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