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    new patch? 1.05 insight and predictions...maybe hopes.

      So i just awoke to find a new patch had been downloaded. is this the 1.05 hotfix? Or this this a new patch altogether? Either way if there's any actually multiplayer balancing I hope they listened to their player base. As a player with huge diversity in their skill set particularly in this game. I have some insight as to what needs to be changed, buffed, or nerfed.



      1) Slightly increase the range on the SMG's max dmg profile. right now the only smg that can compete against AR's and LMG's is the MTAR-X while it clearly isn't the strongest smg ( the vector has that title) it carries the longest 4 shot range of the smg's leading it to be more consistent than it's brethren. to add some diversity in matches I'd like to see their range slightly buffed.


      2) I may sound like a whiner but I've used the gun myself and i feel dirty everytime i kill someone with this thing. NERF the MSBS! a 2 shot kill range of up to i think 21-24m is ridiculous for a 3-round burst and a 3shot kill all the way i believe to somewhere around 31-37m lower it's effective range to the point of useability not being able to overscale every single AR overall. It's true adding burst-fire attachment to any AR will produce similar effects to the MSBS by why should  you have to waste an attachment slot just to compete against it.


      3. Buff the Assault streaks & Some Support streaks. Now when i say this I dont mean every single assault streak. nerf the dogs hp  a bit perhaps. it takes 3 full bursts from a MSBS to down a dog. and while the survivability guarantees the dog isnt killed instantly 2-3 less bullets would help stop the BS. Battle Hind needs a target acquisition buff. idk if it's because people die faster than the battle hind can target but for a streak thats supposed to help grant map control getting a mediocre 3-5 kills on a good run is sad for an 8-9 point streak. the jugg classes in both support and assault need a buff. for one grant them all blast shield and tac resist. juggs are defenseless once stunned making your armor useless. and u can lose 1/4 of your increased health from 1 IED. No health regen is a good balancing factor but the need to be able to resist tactical nades at the very least. The loki is unuseable in any game mode from maybe aside domination the kill field is large but the recharge time and map size make using it seem pointless. the slow camera speed to track targets makes effectively using the loki to full potential cumbersome and sluggish. this can fixed by reducing the cooldown time and increasing the camera speed for precision aiming.


      In the support catergory, ground jammer needs to last a bit longer than it's current state of what 15 seconds. currently there are no true emp grenades just these plecibo effect from a 9 bang. the ground jammer is a good streak which can destroy your teams support destroying all equipment, night owls and satcoms your enemies have deployed but the counter uav effect should last a bit longer and your teammates shouldnt be subject to the flashing pulse it gives when activated. the pings the night owl and support jugg give off should work for your entire team. the enemy team can see where both the assault jugg and recon jugg are anywhere on the map it only makes sense that the support jug's radar work for the entire team. to coordinate strikes on objectives, enemies in locked positions, and etc.


      3) Increase the amount of time it takes to ads with a sniper. idk if anyone who responds to this has used sniper rifles for a legitimately long time. but even without quickdraw their ads times compete too well with the other rifles in games. with the in-game hacks that have been produced so far it only tantalizes the fake snipers to run around with auto-aim, claiming to be pro quick scopers >_< smh. anyway increasing their ads time would improve a sniper situation by making snipers stay in their comfort zone and  use quickscoping as a tool not a true playstyle. snipers are relevant in these big open maps theres no reason to run around a map like an idiot matching ADS with AR's and SMG's

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          Re: new patch? 1.05 insight and predictions...maybe hopes.

               SMGs aren't really supposed to compete with ARs and LMGs.  They are for different things.  Shotguns can't compete with ARs and LMGs either (the range of shotguns in this game is pathetic btw).


               I like your point on the juggernauts.  As far as the air support not shredding the field, are there any lock on launchers that can shoot down air support?  I've been shooting them with my gun, which isn't really productive.  With no easy way to destroy them, should they really be reeking havoc?


               My only real gripe with this game is laggy matchmaking and horrible spawns.  Other than that, let the good times roll.

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            Re: new patch? 1.05 insight and predictions...maybe hopes.

            SMG's should not compete with AR's. They have their place in this game like everything. It is about time an AR doesn't get outgunned by an SMG...been 2 years lol

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              Re: new patch? 1.05 insight and predictions...maybe hopes.

              The Vector has the highest 3 hit kill range of all the SMGs. Considering the fact it has a really crap rate of fire for a burst weapon, I'm gonna say no on this one too (and your argument for the three hit kill isn't all that great, seeing as the CZ-805 and AK-12 have better three hit kill ranges. Also, I haven't unlocked this gun, so I'm not trying to defend 'my favorite gun' in case you bring that up). I guess I can agree here, but considering the fact that Juggs have over 1000 health (compared to the regular player that has 100 health) and the strongest fully-automatic weapon in game, players will need to have some advantage over this thing besides slow movement and Armor-Piercing (which is good, but still not that great). I do think a nerf to the dog's health is needed. It currently takes 3 shots from an L115 to kill it, and 6 bashes from a Riot Shield.

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                  Re: new patch? 1.05 insight and predictions...maybe hopes.

                  the vector may have the longest 3 hit kill range but it drops down to 5 shots @ range as where the mtar-x will always be 3-4 making it highly more versatile than the vector. and i didnt say smg's should compete with AR's and LMG's i said to slightly increase their range because most smg's lost their max dmg profile after a very short range to a point where their fire rate doesn't help them. but in most maps even in cqb situations AR's beat out out smg's which they shouldnt because of their superior dmg profiles. as far as your basis on the ak-12 and Cz having a better 3 shot kill range. show me sources. mine come from driftor's videos who rips information from the game code itself and while the AK-12 is indeed a great gun in short- mid range engagements it will almost always lose out. if we're just talking #'s and not the skill of the individual player. the msbs is still better on paper. it needs a range nerf. im not saying to get rid of it's 1 burst capbailities but to shorten it's 2 shot kill range so that there's at least a notable decline of panic firing kills with it. the guns a monster that needs taming.


                  I also think your wrong a bit on the juggs. i think 1000 health is their cap as u can kill a jug fairly quickly since they cant regenu can kill a maniac with 1-1/2 clips from the remington r5 which does not accrue to over 1000 hp maybe the assault jugg but not the maniac or recon, the minigun is also adeath machine three shot kill at all ranges (untested but takes up to three shots up close without head multiplier) with no reload a giant movement nerf with no resistance to tacs or lethals make u a giant sitting duck in most cases. 1 stun grenade usually ruins you. and yea while the dog is a kill streak and should have more health 3x the health of a player avatar is a bit much. if anything they should increase the dog's a.i to compensate or increase the dogs movement speed

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