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    Positives and negative

      Well lets just say I'm very disappointed. I was so very looking forward to this game, and especially playing it on my beautiful new xbox one. However I have been so sorely disappointed by the reality of the game.


      Positives- I can play it on my beautiful new xbox one.


      Negatives- basically everything else.

      The maps are far too large for team death match or free for all.

      Due to the overly large maps I have not been game to try the new cranked game mode.

      The matchmaking system fails epically for countries who don't yet have fibre optic internet connections EG: Australia, as even with lag regulation it is still incredibly laggy, it just doesn't look like it is until you get killed with one bullet.

      Some of the maps seem like copies of Black ops maps, just instead of snow its desert etc. and BIGGER! >.<

      Its set up for campers/snipers predominantly, not for people who actually want to play the game.

      The juggernaut kill streaks are ridiculous, people can get 8-10 kills out of it before they die, after the 9 kills it took to get it that they camped somewhere no-one could get to them thereby ending up with severely uneven scores, not based on ability, just based on how well they can camp.

      The amount of perks people can have is just ridiculous!!!!!!!! No one should be allowed 8 perks!!!

      It takes FOREVER to level up! 2 hours of constant play to get form level 19 to level 20 when I average 15 kills per match is incredibly frustrating!

      I am so frustrated right now I am getting a migraine. I will probably add to these complaints later on.

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          Re: Positives and negative

          Really .... Just really ....


          Maps are too big ?? yet they are set up for campers ?? hows this work ? snipers yes maybe but there's ways around this.


          If anything the frustration can be that your constantly shot in the back due to multiple entrances to place, which make this game harder to camp on ..


          and it takes too long to level up ! guess you'd moan if you where prestige 5 by now, sounds like you'd find fault in anything ...

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            Re: Positives and negative

            I 100% agree with you.  The maps are ridiculously big and every time I try to run through the middle of the map I get killed by a sniper.  On the other side if I try to make my way around the perimeter of maps I run into a bushwookie sitting in a corner.  Not liking this iteration thus far.


            The other thing that is killing me is the ridiculous sensitivity I normally played on 8-10 on previous versions and am playing at a 4 on this version and it still feels a little wonky at times.  

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              Re: Positives and negative

              Yes i also agree with it the maps are to big .

              The killstreaks are terrible also sick of using the same guns just board with it already as always i never get to the first map pack of an IW without trading it in .


              Op 100% spot on

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                Re: Positives and negative

                The game plays really well on the one for me imh. I was having trouble with laggy rooms on the 360, especially partied up, but this is like butter. No other complaints from me.

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                  Re: Positives and negative

                  there are only about 3 maps that are far to big and thats chasm, siege and overlord the rest are just a nice size

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                    Re: Positives and negative



                    Much better looking game.

                    No Lag ( for me ). Dedicated servers are doing there job finally!

                    18 player infection lobbies!

                    Colors are more natural on the One version, so it is easier to spot enemies.



                    No weapon rotation in infection ( gets very boring )

                    No Headquarters in this game.

                    Bulldog shot gun is way OP.

                    The Guard dog needs a nerf

                    Time to kill still set way to fast in this game.

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                      Re: Positives and negative

                      The controller might take a little getting use to, the bigger your hands the better me thinks, the bumpers seem a little awkward.

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                        Re: Positives and negative

                        the only thing i agree with in this whole thread is getting used to the sensitivity of the new controller

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