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    Clan War issues

      We have way more wins then are being counted in the clan wars right now. We are winning in Platinum TDM but the miscount is going to cause us to lose our spot. Help please

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          Re: Clan War issues

          Do you currently have the TDM point captured?

          If so KEEP THIS IN MIND:

          You get 100 wins to win the TDM node - you capture it.

          The 2nd place clan had 75 wins WHEN YOU CAPTURE

          If YOUR clan wins 10 TDM games an hours and the second place clan wins 20 TDM games an hour, that would TAKE 10 WINS AWAY from your win count.

          As long as another clan is posting MORE wins that your clan in TDM, they are taking wins away from your clan. When the point gets to ZERO, then the first to 100 wins takes it again.

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              Re: Clan War issues

              Nah. Maybe im not getting it, we have the node captured, we have been playing and winning. no other scores at the node have changed but ours. we were at 177 now we are down to 99. something is not right.

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                  Re: Clan War issues

                  Regardless if you have captured a node (territory) already, other clans within your division can take wins away. It won't show up on their WINS because they have to first take away yours - makes sense?


                  So let's say for example, it takes 20 wins to get a node for TDM. Other clans are now trying to take away those 20 wins to overtake your territory. Once a clan takes away the 20 wins YOU have achived, they now have to do 20 more wins on top of that to actually take it over. So 40 total wins to take over a node.


                  Other clans have slowly tried to take over waht you have captured. If you started at 177, and now down to 99, that means that there were 78 WINS in total that other clans have done.


                  Hope that makes sense.

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                      Re: Clan War issues

                      Honestly we as a clan have given up. I did all the correct calculations and there is no way we lost the amount of points at the rate we were losing them. Yesterday we had 20 members on and could only account for a total of 6 losses in a 4 hour period. Between the screwed up scoring and the cheating going on, its just not worth it to compete against the other clans, the playing field is not even on too many levels. You complain about the scoring, they dont fix it. You report the cheaters, they don't fix it. It's a big let down for those of us who are really into the game and are playing by the rules.

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