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    Why do we not have a mini map in hardcore?

      Look I understand Ghost tried to make some changes in order to change up its style and progress but the fact that we dont have a mini map in the pause area has really ruined hardcore for me.  I dont see why we cant have a map that show where I am in relation to my team mates and more importantly where I am on the map itself.  I have never been into core team death match because I dont feel i should have to put a clip into a person to kill them and so hardcore has been my staple for many many games.  In hardcore now when I spawn in and I dont know where I am completely or which way my teammates are fighting so I usually get shot in the back and then start the process over again.  In real life settings soldiers have that info readily available at all times so why is that hardcore cant have that apply.  At this point I am getting so frustrated with it that playing black ops II has been extremely fun.  All I can say..... disappointed .  Been playing call of duty since day one, well before the online and this has been the biggest disappointment yet.  There aspects I have really liked for sure but literally getting shot in back non stop has been very frustrating.  Looking forward to responses.

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