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    What can we do to help? “LEADERBORD”

      I am seriously willing to donate some chocolate or something to see this fixed, and im sure not the only one. I understand that this is not an easy task to tackle but it doesn’t take a genius to come up with some sort of a solution, and sure doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that top 1000 cheated to get the score. I know that it is just a game, and people will always find one or another way to cheat, k’mon!!! top 1000???? Are you kidding me? How hard is it to reset the stats so they have to do it again?, and maybe legit this time?


      Will this ever change? Or do we expect the same in the next game?

      Is there anything we can do to help?

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          Re: What can we do to help? “LEADERBORD”

          WWe've put people in space, you dont need to know anything or at least remember anything anymore just google it, you don't even need to eat solid food anymore if that's your fancy And yet to say that monitoring the boards is too much is just a cop out.  I find it hard to believe that 4 leaderboards per map are difficult to manage thru a company that sells BILLIONs of dollars worth of product withing the first week of sales. It's pure laziness, and incompetence. Considering they have taken a game and divided it to reskin and sell every year, pathedic. i didn't buy ghosts, and I won't. i expect nothing to change now or in the future of cod. I think that their mentality is that they're making games for children, it's irrelivant to put forth that type of effort. would you rather a bonus of 1.2 million dollars in your pocket or an accurate list of people you'll never know or even care about? See you in the Turks my friend.

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            Re: What can we do to help? “LEADERBORD”

            IIt's rediculous.... I love how everyone has like 2134907381783 kills.... Loooooooool it would take 100 lifetimes to get that number..... half of them are some Tracey person ( on psn).... any fool could tell they are glitches, or maybe Tracey is a wizard.

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